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Death Maiden's Eye

Death Maiden's Eye Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set Rings of Immortality
  • Faction Norden
  • Rarity Uncommon
  • Cost 3
  • Strength 0
  • Health 9

Card Text

-{2} durability. Choose a minion without revealing it. The next time the minion is attacked, it gets 「+{0}/+{1} and \1Alpha Strike\0 until \1Sundown\0」 before combat.

Flavor Text

An eye for an eye might blind us, but what they can't see most certainly can hurt them.


In symmetry and tribute to Odin, it is possible to turn a freshly-plucked eye belonging to a great warrior of strong Norden blood into a powerful protective talisman. Before it cools, clean the orb with sheep wood oil and raven feathers before sealing it in unmelting ice and applying a conjuration of retribution.


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