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What Are You Playing? - April 2024 Edition

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It's that time again! Tell us what you're playing this month.

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    Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

    I'll kick things off here.

    This month I'm planning on playing a bit more of the new Path of Exile Necropolis league. I'm also planning on jumping back onto WoW to participate in the monthly trading post goodies and maybe some of the pre-cataclysm events going on inside Classic.

    I also really want to do a few long F1 2023 sessions before the new game comes out this year. I just need to find the time. I also want to finish Far Cry 6 with my friend because we started a playthrough in December and haven't gone back to it since then. Oops.

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    Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hey! Latelly I have been really into Hearthstone and played "It Takes Two" with my wife. We are really enjoying it!

    Also I have finally finished all DLC Blueberry Academy trades in Pokemon Scarlet just yesterday.

    Also having lots of fun with Battlefront Classic Collection and Payday 3. This games did not have the best launch but not being able to play a lot makes me enjoy them more as every time I play stuff has already been fixed (had luck and played Battlefront 1 first so I missed most of the bugs) and in case of Payday 3, we are getting really slow updates, but I barelly manage to level up and play with the new skills before they add more. So pretty lucky not having that much time at home?

    Will probably take a look at Overwatch as I do not have to grind to play new heroes and play Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Been trying to replay all AC Games and then go into the newer ones but I do not play them all back to back to avoid burnout.

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    Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

    I restarted Oblivion about 2 weeks ago or so. I love that sometimes you get sights like this.

    Owning an inn right next to an Oblivion Gate feels like it's pretty bad for business.

    And though I haven't done that much of actually *playing* Hearthstone since Whizbang's Workshop came out, but what I have been doing is making a custom expansion. Here's one of my favorite parts of what I've made so far:

  • linkblade91's Avatar
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    Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

    I'm back on the Baldur's Gate III train. Started over, this time with fem-Tav as a Sorcerer/Warlock, Lae'zel as an Eldritch Knight, Shadowheart as a Tempest Cleric/Paladin, and Karlach as a 4-Elements Monk. Attempting to make a "storm"-themed comp, focusing on Lightning, Cold, and Thunder damage. It's...currently not as good as just straight-up hitting things, but I'm only level 5 so the best stuff is waiting for me ahead.

    Hearthstone is there too but I kinda gave up on Marvel Snap again, if only because my attention has been elsewhere. Lots of spinning plates to maintain already between BG3, Hearthstone, health concerns, a mentally-taxing job, and other IRL responsibilities.

    Still haven't finished Armored Core VI or Sea of Stars; barely even started them, really, if you consider the total time required to complete them.

    Nothing too exciting for April in terms of new games I want, but next month is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on May 23rd. Definitely playing that, so everything this month is kinda just "filler".

  • Crusader2010's Avatar
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    Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

    I've started (and ended, lol) playing Avorion with a semi-overhaul mod pack (XAvorion). Stopped because one of the mods cannot be reverted thus basically forcing a new game (and i need a break for now). Definitely coming back to it soon.

    Also started a few games of Millenia. Looks interesting but it's barebones and some things are off. Not gonna entertain the Paradox money making scheme either (20$ game + 500$ dlcs). The game needs much more to even consider buying it. At least some of the concepts are different and interesting, yet really fit for meta-game play (which i deeply hate).

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    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

    Had a bad morning and decided "fuck it, I'm gonna buy + install Lies of P." But, while waiting for that, I found a demo for Unicorn Overlord on the Switch and got sucked into a completely different game than I intended today lol.

    As I've stated multiple times, I have a problem with half-finishing stuff lately. I need to see about updating my medication or somethin', because either ADHD is really kicking in or my depression is keeping me from finding motivation to stick with games. It's like I have a wandering eye, trying to find the perfect experience that'll make me feel better.

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