Palworld might be one of the most fun games I've played in a while

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I'll admit, I was initially only interested in Palworld because of the "Pokemon with Guns" memes and I didn't really look into it past the trailer. It being on Game Pass though made me check it out and wow, what a wonderful game.

Me and a couple of friends logged in together (it is a shame the dedicated server doesn't work on Xbox/PC yet) and immediately set out on an adventure. Catching Pals feels really smooth and the animations from that look great. The building needs a bit of work but feels right at home. The map also feels really big which, I hope is right because I've only seen a small amount of it so far and from what I've seen I'm impressed. Survival so far has been on the easier side (normal server difficulty) but I'm certainly not complaining.

I spent most of the time building up our base, though I caught a dozen or so unique Pals so I did get to do some adventuring.

The game has clear inspiration from Zelda, Pokemon, and even to a degree I'd say Ark. The popups you get each time you find a new teleport beacon feel so Breath of the Wild thanks to that chime that plays and the overlay graphics definitely also feel quite Zelda inspired. 

What are your initial thoughts on Palworld? Have you had any epic adventures yet?

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    I don't own it myself, but I am impressed with its popularity/player numbers considering it's still an Early Access game.

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    Yeah it's doing incredibly well. 855,706 on steam is the current peak and they just stated there are now 3 million copies sold in 40 hours. So nutty but I love it! 

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