The "Legally-distinct Pocket Creatures" Mod is Hilarious (

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From the Nexus Mods page:

-Custom ToastedShoes Character with 'red and white' cap 
-Adds 'Jar' capture device that replaces Pal Spheres 
-Changes the Zoe and Grizzbolt boss fight to a 'surprise'

Pal mods
-Changes Lamball to 'Braided sheep'
-Changes Cattiva to 'Yellow rat'
-Changes Chikipi to 'Fat Cock'
-Changes Hoocrates to 'Educated Owl' 
-Changes Mamorest to 'Vegetative Turtle' 
-Changes to Pengullet 'Blue Penguin'
-Changes to Gumoss to 'Potted Onion'
-Changes Foxsparks to 'Fire fox'
-Changes Eikthyrdeer to 'Floral deer'
-Changes Dinossom tp 'Floral Raptor' 
-Changes Cremis to custom ToastedShoes pal 

I just about died laughing at the vegetative turtle. It's so great to see folks laughing at the Pokemon situation and how Nexus Mods banned Pokemon uploads (for very good reason). I love how moddable games are now thanks to almost everyone using Unity and Unreal. It just leads to such great moments.

Who is your favourite legally distinct pocket creature? 

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