In order to be able to butcher Pals, you will first need to unlock and craft the Meat Cleaver.

  • Unlocks at Technology level 12
  • Materials to craft: 15x Stone, 20x Wood, 5x Ingot

How To Butcher Pals

  1. Place a Pal you want to butcher in your active party from Palbox.
  2. Summon the Pal to be butchered.
  3. Equip your Meat Cleaver.
  4. Press key "4" (default key).
  5. Select 'Butcher' option (replaces 'Pet' option while having Meat Cleaver equipped).
  6. Done.

Once you select to butcher a Pal, there will be a short animation that covers the gruesome act in pixelated screen.

Once the deed is done, you will receive the same amount of materials as if you captured or killed the Pal.

Why Butcher Pals?

Because you can double the amount of materials you can get from a single Pal. First, you capture a Pal which gives you the appropriate materials and then you butcher it to get the materials again.

This is a great way to gather more materials like Ancient Civilization Parts, High Quality Pal Oil or Pal Fluid, especially in the early game. The downside is the cumbersome process you have to go through, so it might be a less desirable approach towards the end-game.

Beware of Bugs

From my own experience, and from what I have read online, you should NOT butcher Pals in your base. I can't tell you why, but when you butcher in your base (within the blue circle) a lot of times you will not receive materials from the butchered Pals. Some say that this is due to the fact that the materials seemingly drop "out of the sky" when you finish butchering and that they clip through the ground. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.

I can attest to the fact that when I am butchering outside my base, not getting any materials from butchering becomes very rare.

Can I Butcher Humans?

Why yes, you certainly can!

Do you sometimes pet the Pal you are about to butcher by accident when clicking too fast? No? Just me? Ok :D I always feel bad, but resources are resources.