In order to play a card game, you need to acquire cards, and one way to obtain cards in a digital game is through crafting. In this guide, we will take a look at the crafting system in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel. (Disclaimer: This guide uses the PC version of the game. The UI might differ slightly depending on the version.)

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Card Rarity and Maximum Amount in Deck

    Before getting into how to make new cards, let's first see how rare these cards are and how many can you have in a deck. There are currently 4 rarities in Master Duel:

    • N - Normal
    • R - Rare
    • SR* - Super Rare
    • UR* - Ultra Rare


    An example of each card rarity, using the Blue-Eyes archetype.

    Rarities with an asterisk(*) after them will also trigger Secret Packs. You can find more about them in out Pack Guide.

    Each card can also come in one of 3 finishes (foils/golden/premium etc. in other games):

    • Basic Finish (non-foil)
    • Glossy Finish
    • Royal Finish


    An example of each type of foiling.

    Finally, the number of copies of a card allowed in a deck across all rarities is 3 by default, but it can be less depending on the Forbidden List. You can check this list directly in the game, in Submenu > Forbidden/Limited > Forbidden/Limited List.

    How to Craft New Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

    There doesn't appear to be a way to check your card collection directly, you need to do it in the Deck menu. In the main menu, click on Deck, and either click 'Create new deck', or open one of your existing decks.

    At this point, you will be greeted with a menu with 3 large panels:

    • The area on the left shows your selected card (this will be empty when first getting here).
    • The area in the middle is the current deck you're working on.
    • The area on the right is the proper card collection.

    We'll be focusing on the area that shows your card, since this is where the crafting happens. When a card is selected, that area looks something like this:

    Card view.

    Click on a card in the collection panel to highlight like this. The two buttons at the very bottom, labeled 'Dismantle' and 'Generate' are used for crafting.

    Before you Generate a card: Click on How to obtain and see if there's a Structure Deck or a Solo Mode listed there. Those can usually be purchased from the shop or unlocked via the Solo mode, and copies obtained this way cannot be Dismantled.

    Here's how the system works:

    • Master Duel has a currency used for crafting called CP
    • Each rarity has its own CP type
      • You can't convert one type of CP into another
    • When Dismantled, each card will generate the following amounts of CP:
      • 10 CP if the card has a Basic Finish (no foil)
      • 15 CP if the card has a Glossy Finish
      • 30 CP if the card has a Royal Finish
    • Each card requires 30 CP of it's respective rarity to craft
      • There's a chance the card will be crafted with a Glossy or Royal Finish, but you have no control over that

    In short, Master Duel uses a 3 to 1 crafting ratio for its cards (you normally need to Dismantle 3 cards of a certain rarity in order to make 1 card of that rarity), but you can't Dismantle multiple cards of a lower rarity to make a card of a greater rarity. You can check your current CP balance in the deck editor, in the top-left side of the screen:

    The amount of CP of each rarity a player owns

    Mass Dismantling Cards

    Aside from Dismantling cards one by one, you can also dismantle cards en masse. To do so, press the button with 3 lines at the very top-right corner of the deck editor. There, you'll see 3 options:

    • Dismantle All Extra Cards, which will Dismantle all the card you have more than 3 copies of
      • Glossy and Royal Finish card count as separate from the Basic ones
        • If you have 3 Basics and 1 Glossy, for example, the Glossy won't be Dismantled
    • Dismantle Selected Cards, which will Dismantle a specific set of cards of your choosing
      • A new screen will appear, similar to the deck editor, that allows your to add up to 60 cards to be Dismantled at once.
    • Draw 5 sample cards, which has nothing to do with the crafting system

    Both the Extra and Selected options will present you with a screen that shows how much CP you'll get once you go through with it.

    Dismantling selected cards

    How much CP you'll have after Dismantling.


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