Welcome to our first Combo Guide! If you have yet to learn what Swordsouls are about, we'd first advice reading our Introduction to them. It also features the Decklist we'll be using as the basis for the following instructions. In addition to written out steps, this guide features replays to visually follow the lines of play as they happen. Also, at the end of the Guide we will go over interactions with handtraps, something that could be valuable even when facing Swordsouls.

This Guide is meant to give a showcase on what the deck is capable of. You are encouraged to find out for yourself what other builds and strategies are possible!

First of all, some groundlaying information:

  • The title of a given combo is the prerequisite opening hand needed to perform it.
  • When less than 5 starting cards are given, it means this combo is likely optimal when the other cards are useless (bricks).
  • To make the descriptions as concise as possible, we will be abreviating "Any Swordsoul Card or Wyrm Type Monster" with "Swords./Wyrm".
  • This also applies for "Chain Link X" as "CL X". Where "X" is the order the chainable effects should be in. If you are not given the choice, you'll have to turn on the "Activation Order Settings" under "Game Setting" -> "Duel".
  • Numbers "[x]" next to the names of Monsters show their Level to better follow Synchro Summons. Bolded ones "[x]" are used for Tuners.

Table of Contents

Swordsoul Lines

Starting things off, the following combos mostly rely on the Swordsouls themselves.

Emergence + Swords./Wyrm

  • Emergence adds Taia.
  • Normal Summon Taia.
  • Taia's effect: Banish Emergence for a Token.
  • Use Taia [4] and a Token [4] to Synchro Summon Baxia.
  • Taia's effect: send Mo Ye to GY.
  • Baxia's effect: Destroys itself to revive Mo Ye.
  • Mo Ye's effect: Reveal a Swords./Wyrm for a Token.
  • Use Mo Ye [4] and a Token [4] to Synchro Summon Chixiao.
  • Chixiao CL1, Mo Ye CL2.
  • Chixiao adds Longyuan.
  • Longyuan's effect: Discard a Swords./Wyrm to Summon itself and a Token.
  • Use Longyuan [6] and a Token [4] to Synchro Summon Baronne de Fleur.

In total, this results in one extra draw, an on-field Monster negation, and an omni-negate.

Swordsoul isn't confined to this exact order of play, which is why it can get difficult to describe every eventuality. Possible alterations can include:

  • If Longyuan is already in hand, Chixiao can search Blackout instead.
  • If Emergence is the only playable card, you can skip to Summon Chixiao immediately, and also add Blackout.
  • Baxia does not need to destroy itself. another Monster or a set Spell/Trap is also possible.
  • Mo Ye can replace Emergence. In this case, simply skip the first 6 steps.

Mo Ye/Ecclesia + Longyuan + Swords./Wyrm

  • Normal Summon Mo Ye or Ecclesia the Virtuous, to Special Summon Mo Ye from the Deck.
  • Mo Ye's effect: Reveal a Swords./Wyrm for a Token.
  • Do not yet Synchro Summon.
  • Longyuan's effect: Discard a Swords./Wyrm to Summon itself and a Token.
  • Use Longyuan [6] and a Token [4] to Synchro Summon Baronne de Fleur.
  • Use Mo Ye [4] and a Token [4] to Synchro Summon Chixiao.
  • Chixiao CL1, Mo Ye CL2.
  • Chixiao's effect: adds Emergence.
    • Or, if there are not 3 or more different Attributes in your GY:
    • Chixiao adds Blackout. The turn would end here.
  • Emergence adds Archnemeses Protos.
  • Banish 3 Monster in the GY to Summon Protos.
  • Protos' effect: Declare "DARK".

Similar to the first combo, this one utilizes the same Monsters, but can end on either an extra Blackout or Archnemeses Protos. The freedom of adding Protos was lost on the first line, as we were forced to use Emergence early on. The third Attribute for Protos can be found when using Ecclesia the Virtuous to reach Mo Ye, or with Longyuan's discard. In the case of Ecclesia, Summoning Baronne early makes no difference. More on that in the handtraps section.

Tenyi Lines

The Tenyi part of the deck gives access to Link plays, on top of also enabling Synchro Summons on their own. The sequencing in this section will be of even more importance, considering that the Tenyi care a lot about what is currently on board, and what isn't.

When given the choice, it is generally adviced to go into any plays that involve Tenyi before commiting to something else. However, we will also go into counterexamples for this.

Ashuna + Vishuda

  • Special Summon Ashuna.
  • Use Ashuna to Link Summon Monk.
  • Special Summon Vishuda.
  • Ashuna's effect: Banishes itself from GY to Summon Adhara from Deck.
  • Use Vishuda [7] and a Adhara [1] to Synchro Summon Chixiao.
  • Chixiao's effect: Adds Longyuan.
  • Adhara's effect: Banishes itself from GY to add back Ashuna.
  • Longyuan's effect: Discard Ashuna to Summon itself and a Token.
  • Use Longyuan [6] and a Token [4] to Synchro Summon Chengying.

This is arguably the weakest combination of Tenyis to open. Since Ashuna only lets us Special Summon Wyrms, Chengying has to stand in the place of Baronne. Theoretically, Vishuda could be replaced with Adhara.

It is still impressive that this play does not take up the Normal Summon, while still ending on the 2 big Swordsouls. The moment Chixiao negates something, Chengying triggers, banishing more stuff in the process. In some matchups it might be even better to wait for them to banish something instead.

Adhara + Ashuna/*Vishuda

  • Special Summon Ashuna.
  • Use Ashuna to Link Summon Monk.
  • Special Summon Adhara.
  • Use Adhara and Monk to Link Summon Halqifibrax.
  • Halq's effect: Summon Deskbot 001 from Deck.
  • Use Halqifibrax and the Deskbot to Link Summon Auroradon.
  • Summon 3 Tokens and the Deskbot.
  • Use 2 Tokens [3] and the Deskbot [1] to Synchro Summon Yazi.
  • Auroradon's first effect: Tribute itself in order to destroy Yazi.
  • Yazi's effect: Summon Taia from Deck.
  • Taia's effect: Banish Ashuna for a Token.
  • Adhara's effect: Banish itself to add Ashuna back to hand.
  • Use Taia [4] and a Token [4] to Synchro Summon Baxia.
  • Taia's effect: Send Mo Ye to GY.
  • Baxia's effect: Destroy the last Token to revive Mo Ye.
  • Mo Ye's effect: Reveal Ashuna for a Token.
  • Use Mo Ye [4] and a Token [4] to Synchro Summon Chixiao.
  • Chixiao CL1, Mo Ye CL2.
  • Chixiao's effect: add Longyuan.
  • Longyuan's effect: Discard Ashuna to Summon itself and a Token.
  • Ashuna's effect: Banish itself to Summon Adhara from Deck.
  • Use Baxia [8] and Adhara [1] to Synchro Summon Chaofeng.
  • Use Longyuan [6] and the Token [4] to Synchro Summon Chengying.

This one goes beyond what the prior combination of cards was capable of. The end board is increased by one more Monster, Chaofeng, which shuts down any opposing LIGHT effects. It's quite the feat to go through every notable Monster the Main Deck has to offer in a single turn. Due to Halqifibrax's simple Summoning Condition, there is also the possibility of going into this line with a Tenyi and Ecclesia, the Virtuous. That would be the riskier approach, compared to the safer line of "Mo Ye + Swords./Wyrm".

*Vishuda can replace Ashuna, but Baxia will stay instead of Chaofeng, and Chengying can be replaced with Baronne.

Mo Ye + Emergence + Any Tenyi

  • Normal Summon Mo Ye.
  • Mo Ye's effect: Reveal Emergence to Summon a Token.
  • Use Mo Ye [4] and a Token [4] to Synchro Summon PSY-Framelord Omega.
  • Mo Ye draws a card.
  • Emergence adds the missing Tenyi. (Ashuna or Vishuda).
  • Omega's effect: Banishes itself and an opponent's card in hand.
  • Follow "Ashuna + Vishuda".

An interesting variation of the original Tenyi line. We've taken away one of our opponent's cards, and could have access to any Wyrm in our Deck. Unfortunately, Mo Ye was already activated, so there is little reason to risk going into Halqifibrax.

Playing Around Handtraps

As with any Combo Deck, Swordsoul wants to go first. This means that our opponent will do anything in their power to stop us, throwing in handtraps at crucial spots. While going through your turn, it is important to keep track of your opponent's response window and behaviour to figure out what they might have in store. We will go over the most common scenarios and ways to respect the most popular handtraps.

Response Window

The way information can be gained is by understanding the game's logic. If the opponent is able to activate something, the game will give them time to decide. This is seen by the light switching from blue on your side, to red on their side.

We approach the start of every turn the way someone would defuse a bomb. Start with the safest bet:

  • Spells such as Pot of Desires should be first on the list to activate. If the opponent is given a prompt at this time, and does not use Ash Blossom, we can assume it is likeliest to be Maxx "C".
  • When a Monster hits the board. If it's a Normal Summon and the light switches, it could be either Maxx "C", Infinite Impermanence, or Effect Veiler. A clearer indicator is a Special Summon that starts a chain, like Longyuan or a Tenyi. If they are being prompted only when the Monster hits the field, a Monster negation is to be expected.
  • Keeping track of the amount of Monsters you've summoned. Only the 5th one causing a short break is a clear sign they are holding Nibiru, the Primal Being. Usually they'll smash it on the board the moment they are able to, but if not, overcommitment without a Baronne de Fleur is not adviced.

This way of thinking will be beneficial in the long run, but there will be times when you are thrown off by something like Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher or Numeron Wall giving false signals. At least you'll know that If the opponent keeps ignoring their prompts, they are very likely to attempt an otk!

Maxx "C"

Maxx "C" Card Image

Priority number 1 is making sure the opponent does not get to activate Maxx "C". If it is still unknown, it is in your best interest to withhold Called by the Grave or Crossout Designator for as long as that's still the case. This means that negating something like an early Ash Blossom could be a waste, if the hand allowed to play on regardless.

The moment the Summon of a Tenyi is met with Maxx"C", it would take far too many Summons to establish any interruptions. Therefore it makes sense to pass, unless Mo Ye is also in hand. In that case two Special Summons might be worth the Chixiao, plus a searched Blackout. When there is the suspicion of a Maxx "C" it would make sense to avoid Tenyi on the first turn if possible. The same play could have be done in a total of two, instead of three Special Summons.

Ash Blossom

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring Card Image

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is the main threat to consider for your order of activations. Say our hand includes Pot of Desires, Emergence, and Ecclesia the Virtuous. Losing Ecclesia to an Ash Blossom would be turn ending.

Without the knowledge of the draws from Desires, there's no way of telling what Emergence should be used for. So it makes sense to go for the random draws first. Most opponents wouldn't want to risk the draws from Desires to give access to handtrap counters, which is why they'll often spend their Ash Blossom or even Maxx "C", on the spot.

Cards like Ash Blossom are also why Mo Ye and Taia are chained after Chixiao if possible. It prevents Ash to respond to the more important search effect, making it only able to negate the GY effect.

Infinite Impermanence/Effect Veiler/Nibiru

Infinite Impermanence Card Image Effect Veiler Card Image Nibiru, the Primal Being Card Image

These three are a bit harder to pin down, but can still be turn ending in some circumstances. It's expected that the opponent will wait for one of Taia, Mo Ye, or Halqifibrax to use Infinite Impermanence or Effect Veiler on. This is part of the reason why Longyuan is a great extender to rely on. Baronne de Fleur can be summoned while dodging these handtraps, handling any interaction that might follow.

If you are sure the opponent is holding one of the negations, the ideal play for the Tenyi line would be to Summon both of them, but using Longyuan for Baronne before actually going into Chixiao or Halqifibrax, assuming the option is available. If not, getting Chixiao negated doesn't come at as much of a loss as Halqifibrax, so that's something to consider when the choice has to be made.

The same goes for Mo Ye when trying to avoid Nibiru. Mo Ye can Summon the Token, but if you Synchro Summon now, Longyuan and the Token will be the fourth and fifth Summon. It's just a concern of sequencing if there is only one Swords./Wyrm in hand, forcing you to use Mo Ye before Longyuan discards it. In the combos where Chixiao would first have to search Longyuan, the risk of a giant rock decimating everything can't really be avoided.

Token Collector

Token Collector Card Image

As time goes on, the popularity of this handtrap will only increase. Token Collector blocks out the entire mechanic Swordsoul revolves around. There isn't much to be done, other than potentially putting in your own copy to use with Crossout Designator. Even Auroradon does not work under the Token blockade, making Tenyis the only viable option. One way to get rid of it on the first turn is with Vishuda, possibly Summoned with Heavenly Dragon Circle on the Token that's about to get eaten.

Did you find the guide helpful? Feel free to comment what archetype you would like to see next!