Structure Decks in Master Duel are an easy way to try out and acquire new decks. This time around, Dragonmaids got their very own pre-built selection of cards to buy in the shop.

They may not have had such an equivalent in the physical TCG, but their release in the deck build pack "Mystic Fighters" in late 2019 is a close comparison. Out of the three archetypes introduced back then, Dragonmaids managed to stay relevant the longest, whether that should be attributed to their aesthetics, playstyle, or a combination of both.

Within this Guide we will cover the role of each individual card and give advice on how to pilot these housekeeping fire breathers. On top of that we will provide a list of what a 40 card list comprised of three purchases of the Structure Deck would look like, and lastly close out with suggestions for possible upgrades.

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Overview + Decklists

    Nurse Dragonmaid Card Image Dragonmaid Ernus Card Image

    Dragonmaids have seen experimentation as an addition to combo- and control-oriented strategies. On their own, they lean towards a slower-paced playstyle. Gaining incremental advantage over multiple turns to eek out an edge against the opponent. The maids achieve this by repeatedly swapping between their transformations, which in turn activates various on-Summon effects.

    As with any other Structure Deck, purchasing it just once won't yield all three copies necessary. Below we've listed what's in a single Deck that can be bought for 500 Gems. The improved version can be constructed by buying all 3, resulting in 1500 Gems spent in total.

    Dragonmaid Monsters - United Workforce

    Kitchen Dragonmaid Card Image Laundry Dragonmaid Card Image Dragonmaid Lorpar Card Image

    In its entirety, the Dragonmaid Main Deck squad entails five maids and four large dragons. Each of the maids come with an on-Summon effect, and are able to return to the hand at the start of the Battle Phase to Summon a dragon-form out of the hand or GY based on their levels.

    The description is split in: [Level of the Monster], Effect that activates if it's Normal or Special Summoned / Level of the Dragon it can Swap with.

    • Nurse Dragonmaid - [2] Revives another Level 4 or lower Dragonmaid. / Level 7.
    • Laundry Dragonmaid - [2] Sends your Deck's top 3 cards to the GY. / Level 7.
    • Parlor Dragonmaid - [3] Sends another Dragonmaid card from the Deck to the GY. / Level 8.
    • Kitchen Dragonmaid - [3] Searches another Dragonmaid Monster and sends one from hand to GY afterwards. / Level 8.
    • Chamber Dragonmaid - [4] Searches a Dragonmaid Spell or Trap. / Level 7 or higher.

    Meanwhile the high Level Monsters are protected from effect destruction as long as you also control a Fusion Monster. In addition they can discard themselves for various utility effects and swap back to the Level of the maid-form they are based on once the Battle Phase has ended.

    The description is split in: [Level of the Monster] Effect that is activated by discarding itself / Level of the maid it can swap with.

    • Dragonmaid Ernus - [7] (Quick Effect): Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Dragonmaid from the hand. / Level 2
    • Dragonmaid Nudyarl - [7] Shuffle a Monster in either GY in the Deck. / Level 2
    • Dragonmaid Lorpar - [8] A targeted Monster cannot activate its effects this turn. / Level 3
    • Dragonmaid Tinkhec - [8] (Quick Effect): A targeted Dragonmaid gains 2000 ATK this turn. / Level 3

    In total all of the maid-forms saw some amount of play, whether it be Laundry being ran in Eldlich, or Nurse as an extender for diverse combo decks. Kitchen is more so used in pure version of the deck, but falls short compared to the other searchers. The stars of the show are Parlor and Chamber, being able to interact with the Spells and Traps we'll further go into below.

    Looking at the dragon-forms, there's definitely no reason to max out on any of them. A single Ernus and Lorpar can do the trick, with another Tinkhec as a possible third addition. Their effects can come up at times, but the inability to structure a turn around them is what justifies the low amount. To confine with the limitations of the Structure Deck, we have to run a few more than that.

    Dragonmaid Spells & Traps - Proper Patronage

    Dragonmaid Changeover Card Image Dragonmaid Tidying Card Image Dragonmaid Hospitality Card Image

    The archetype's backrow consists of four Spells and two Traps. It makes more sense to group them in terms of playability, however.

    Beginning with Dragonmaid Changeover, their Fusion Spell. There's no deviation compared to the way a normal Polymerization would Fusion Summon. What makes it exceptional is the recovery, making it possible to fuse many times while running only a single copy that can easily be searched.

    Another essential card is Dragonmaid Tidying. Notably, the GY effect is the main reason Parlor is such a great playstarter. A Special Summon goes a long way, considering that the Monsters themselves have no inherent way to build up a presence. 

    To close out the popular inclusions, we've got Dragonmaid Hospitality. In the same way that Parlor works with Tidying, Chamber can fetch a copy of Hospitality for another Monster on the field.

    Continuing with the neglected Spells and Traps:

    • Dragonmaid Downtime - is a too slow way of generating resources and inefficient as Spell/Trap removal. We run one just in case.
    • Dragonmaid Send-Off - suffers from redundancy, as it does what the Dragon-forms can already do on their own.
    • Dragonmaid Welcome - comes with an ATK boost and GY recovery. The restrictions hold it back too much.

    Generic Inclusions

    Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Card Image World Legacy Guardragon Card Image Return of the Dragon Lords Card Image

    The complementary theme of Felgrand and Hieratic doesn't vibe very well with the Dragonmaids. Past the fact that they are also Dragons, not much overlap can be found. Guardragons are the least bad bonus we can add, so we settled for the following selection of generic Dragon support:

    • Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon - A bit of a waste to Summon on the very first turn. It might be necessary, but ideally you'd want to bring back your Fusion that hit the grave
    • World Legacy Guardragon - Only the first part is important. We gladly take all the Special Summons we can get.
    • Guardragon Cataclysm - Neat disruption tool, in case things go wrong. Just make sure that the opponent has at least two cards, or you'll be forced to pop one of your own!
    • Return of the Dragon Lords & Dragon Shrine - Separately, these are lackluster. But we are desperate for playables, so we take these over the mistake that is Guardragon Promineses, for example.
    • Number 46: Dragluon & Queen Dragun Djinn - We run these because we can, not because we should. Most times, keeping your Monsters spread out will be more of an advantage than these sub-par Xyz can provide.

    Playstyle & Goal

    Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres Card Image 

    On the first turn, always ask yourself if you are able to Link Summon Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres. Getting any 2 Dragons on field for that is a priority. It gives us the best shot at disrupting the opponent's turn. Here's a summary of cards that help swarm the field:

    With the Seal's bounce effect we aim to tribute the Link Monster itself and activate the secondary effect. Whichever maid-form we Summon from the deck with it, we can keep generating resources to stay ahead. One option would be to bring out Kitchen Dragonmaid, which then searches a dragon-form for it to switch into.

    Dragonmaid Sheou Card Image House Dragonmaid Card Image

    Beyond the higher Level Main Deck Monsters, Dragonmaids can also combine into two Fusion Monsters. Since Sheou is pretty much an improved version of House, that will be the main target to Summon.

    Dragonmaid Sheou provides an omni-negation, the bread and butter of a formidable bossmonster. It also doubles as a constant Monster revive for every Standby Phase, though that role can also be filled by House. Speaking of, House Dragonmaid isn't too bad on its own: Boasting targeted Monster destruction, which triggers upon another Dragon's replacement effect.

    To bring these Fusions out, the archetypal Spell is the preferred method. We do have some flex spots left to fill though, so a copy of Dragon's Mirror can't hurt. When it's good, it's great. But when the materials aren't around, the only reflecting you'll do is on your deckbuilding choices.

    Dragonmaid Upgrades

    Parlor Dragonmaid Card Image Chamber Dragonmaid Card Image

    The Structure Deck can very well use a complete overhaul. The only core cards that should remain at three are Parlor & Chamber, as well as Dragonmaid Tidying.

    Generic Staples

    Maxx "C" Card Image Destiny HERO - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer Card Image Pot of Prosperity Card Image

    These are the usual suspects you can't go wrong with, so we will spare you the fifth explanation of what Nibiru does. For a selection of more possible handtraps, we've listed them in our Behavior Guide on them. Besides the obvious picks, Token Collector is a great counter for the current meta!

    Another mainstay of generic powerplays is Destiny HERO - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer, in combination with Fusion Destiny and Predaplant Verte Anaconda. However, we recommend first focusing on the Main Deck improvements, if CP/Gems are short. 

    Special Dragon Guests

    Striker Dragon Card Image Dragunity Knight - Romulus Card Image

    The Dragon archetypes that do actually work well with Dragonmaids are Rokket and Dragunity. No matter the list you are running, Striker Dragon should be an instant one-off.The reason is that Parlor can be used to Summon it, and Tidying brings Parlor back, resulting in an quick and simple Hieratic Seal.

    Further great Rokket support are cards like Quick Launch, Boot Sector Launch, and Rokket Tracer. In relation, there's also Noctovision Dragon and Absorouter Dragon. They're all premium choices for an efficient Dragon-Type Link Summon setup.

    Similar to Rokket, Dragunity's got an amazing Field Spell, Dragon Ravine. It can also be fetched by their respective Link Monster, Dragunity Knight - Romulus as well as Dragunity Remus. On top of that, their WIND Attribute allows for Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms to also make an appearance.

    On a last note, Guardragon Pisty is the only part of the busted Guardragon Link trio that hasn't been banned yet, and definitely worth a slot. 

    Was our service to your liking? Let us know down in the comments what other archetypes you want us to cover!