Twisted Tree Line Post Buff

Last updated 8 months ago
  • Archetype Aggro
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 28200
  • Your Cost 28200
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Already tested prior to changes felt good.

Obviously makes no sense prior to fearsome leveling nocturn on swing, then procing twisted tree lines, vile maw landing buffing fearsome by 1 by 1 and then dropping decreasing all units by 1 attack due to leveled nocturn all on open attack 

-‐--------patch release---------

De-memed a bit I say 1 twisted tree line and one fearsome spear into what is otherwise a fairly standard allegiance fearsome list.

Feels pretty fine to me once we added the 3 hate spikes to deny interaction/value on top of the 3 glimpses.

I added islander because he accelerates the deck and prevents opponents from running over us with 1 drops and thinking they are good players because of that.

Final adjustments, daddy are we sweaty and try hard enough? Yes son I'm proud of you you big virgin. Thanks dad!

We can just run Harrowing as a finisher doesn't change much.

People are already mirroring my deck, so pretty obvious my brews are having an impact.

Awww you guys love me that's so cute you can send fan mail to 999 nifty decks.

Youre welcome!

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