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    Posted 3 years, 11 months ago

    The concept of Blizzard wanting politics out of their tournament is a sensible thing, or at least something they are allowed to do.  


    The issue, to me, is how extreme and final it was.  One of the videos I've watched voiced it: it feels like someone representing China (or a Blizz employee full and deep into wanting to appeal to China) flew into a rage and wanted it all stopped RIGHT NOW AND EVERYTHING BURNT TO ASHES!!

    As another said: would the response be so crazy if it was pro-China or another political statement?  I also don't think so.  


    If I was a regular player I would probably just be paying close attention and seeing how this goes.  But I was already having a hard time finding the time to play and realizing that the Daily System basically means I'm NOT going to be able to keep F2P and have enough gold next expansion, so I was already on my way out.  This just helped supply the final nudge.  It's a pile of sludge that I COULD wade through but realized I really don't need to.  


    The one thing I would ask in passing is to PLEASE don't spawn this from attacks against the company into attacks against your fellow players.  That some feel it was ok or at least not worth the outcry isn't reason enough to go attack them as an enemy.  I already saw one reddit thread that tried to turn it into an attack on streamers who wanted nothing to do with the situation.  That's how you turn a strong campaign into a rotten mess while ruining your message (which will help Blizzard greatly).  


    Keep the focus on the target. Let others do what they do while you do what you do.  That's how a good backlash gets results.

    FINAL note: on the image at the bottom: well played OOC.  Glad I had moved over here.  Good luck with the site.



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    Posted 4 years ago
    Quote From FieselFitz
    Quote From Thonson

    The only quest deck with a 50+% win rate when played was Making Mummies.  At least it was a few days back when this very site did an analysis of how the quest cards were performing.  Might have changed some with nerfs but... might not have!

    As far as i know Making Mummies is still the Nr. 1 Quest regarding the Winrate. Sure i see more Quest Shamans then Quest Paladins but most of the time i face these Shamans i win :) 

    Quest Shaman and Quest Druid, when fighting against them, feel like the kind of deck I tended to make early on.  It has a LOT of synergy and does a lot of tricks that generate a lot of effects, like making a hand full of lackies and using them to wipe out a pair of giants.

    But it doesn't seem to be GOING anywhere.  They can generate a board or remove your board but can't seem to do both at the same time without using A LOT of those resources.  Thus they have the old Tempo problem: if they lose control they lose.  And quests, almost by design, make you sacrifice early control for a later gain.  

    Quest Paladin feels the same way with one major exception: it's bloody impossible to knock them off the board as their quest basically reads "drop super sticky minions in order to get the ability to generate more super sticky minions."  Reborn and sticky mechs into making more 2/2 reborn/stickyMechs > 1/1s.

    Am I wrong in feeling though that Shaman/Druid are like, a few key cards away from turning into something very nasty though?  Like a Priest Dragon deck after One NIght but before Mean Streets?

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Quote From FieselFitz

    Well both are fun to play but i think that the Priest is gonna be stronger or more consistent regarding the Winrate.

    I'm playing Druid right now to get my golden Hero Portrait but i personaly would prefer the Priest. I also played Quest/Wall Priest before i started the Golden Portrait Run. Heres my list:



    OMFG A priest that isn't using Inner fire!


    (I don't have a problem with the card itself, but I personally don't want to run a priest deck that relies on it anymore)

    And I only need to craft 1 legendary and 2 epics (RNG wanted to give me a mass of mage mess this time after basically priest-locking me last set).  

    So yeah, thank you so much!


    Meanwhile glad you were able to get some good decks going OP.  This set feels like there's a lot of interesting decks to play with but a lot of them feel like they are 'missing' something.  Like Quest Druid not having an actual win condition (lots of neat tools that end up removing a lot of things but no way to WIN easily) or quest mage having a reason to actually WANT it.


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    Posted 4 years ago

    There's LITERALLY no good benefit to dusting just because it's there.  The card doesn't lose value'. It's 1600 dust if you dust it now or a year from now.  


    I picked up a golden Harbinger Celestia during boomsday.  You think Finley is bad. LOOK AT HER!  THAT is a bad card.

    But I didn't dust her.  Why? I didn't have anything in particular to craft that I needed the 1600 dust for.  Even when I ran out of dust, I had multiples and smaller cards I could dust first, and eventually I got to where I really didn't NEED any other card. i COULD'VE had more cards, but I had a few decks to play with already so there wasn't something I desperately needd, so I kept her. I even tried to use her in a deck..whichi failed.  

    At around Rumble I eventually wanted to make a hunter deck and finally FINALLY I needed 1600 dust for a legendary.  So then I dusted her, crafted the card, and...nothing bad happened. I didn't 'lose value'. I didn't get caught by the Blizzard Cops.  I didn't die.  The card didn't disappear.  

    I had the card until I needed another card, so I dusted the card when I needed the card.  I would've gained nothing by dusting it during Boomsday.  


    Meanwhile, I BET you a lot of folks dusted Luna's Pocket Galaxy.  The same one that got buffed later into a tier S deck, then got nerfed to dust for full value.  And I BET a lot of people dusted it because it was 'worthless' back in Boomsday.  And I BET a lot of folks ended up with 400 dust they either let sit doing nothing or crafted a card they ended up not using a few weeks later.  

    While others kept it because "I can always dust it later", then got a lot of wins with a strong deck, then got their full dust at this time.  And they did it because they probably dusted Hadronox during Frozen Throne and suffered for it when it went 5 star in Witchwood.  

    Dust can never be buffed.  Dust can never be buffed then nerfed. Dust can never find a card that'll make it utterly powerful.  Dust can't be played around with for luls.  Dust can only be used to make cards.

    Bad Cards can be buffed.  Bad cards can be buffed then nerfed.  Bad cards can be made powerful due to future cards.  Bad cards can be played for the luls.  Bad Cards can still be used to make new cards.  


    The point (aka TL:DR SUMMARY!)

    1. If you immediately know what card you are going to craft that will be VERY useful to you and you KNOW it'll last a long time then.. yes, dust it now and craft.

    2. Unless your situation qualifies for #1 there's NO reason to dust a card no matter how bad, or if it's golden, or if it's a duplicate.  dust sitting in your bank is never more useful than a card worth the same price.  

    3.There is no 3.  Keep the card until you KNOW what card you want, THEN dust it to craft that card.  

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    Posted 4 years ago

    Blizzard, a long time ago, stated that ladder matches are determined by your rank: it tries to match you with a similar rank then expands outwards until it finds a player.  Legend and casual is MMR, which is based on your win/loss record.

    They are on record in saying that the system does NOT use your deck or your cards in its consideration.


    Note that this is enough to create the 'legendary' 50/50 win rate goal as you'll move up in rank and, thus, stronger opponents and decks until you face opponents that are as strong as you.  So eventually you'll hit a spot where you will 'bob' up and down. THAT marks your combined power of your play skill and your deck selection vs the meta.  In theory, if someone were to find a way to put you 10 ranks above you will quickly lose matches until you drop back down to that same old rank.  Same for if you lose a mass of matches on purpose then go back to playing.  


    Can they create a system that tracks your decks and cards?  They can.  Would it mean they lied or are hiding things? Actually NO..not anymore.  It's very clear that they aren't operating on any of the old phylosophies anymore so anything they've said since...say before witchwood is no longer reliable.  So it IS technically possible that they changed their system and just haven't been asked about it in an AMA. 

    But that seems nonsense to make such a major change and NOT tell anyone.  They've told us about other non-normal RNG elements such as the change to how Arena chooses your cards and how mechanics like Discover lean heavily towards class cards.  So why make such a big change to matchmaking and not talk about it, especially since it's not exactly hard to test for it?  

    It's hard to believe that it's in effect as that'll mess with the ranking system. It also doesn't explain why most legend players can steamroll through the ranks to reach legend again (if the system forced counterdecking they would quickly face bad matchups which would slow them down, even against weaker opponents).  It would also be easier to game and,thus be something top players would LOVE to look into (they already used every trick in the book to score a top spot when top spots mattered in tournament standing).  


    In any case, as I said, it's not hard to test for the thing.  Just literally track your games over a period of time and see what opponents you face.  Most deck tracking systems will do just that for you naturally.  If there's an non-RNG system in place, it'll start to show a pattern.



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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago



    As usual it's an awesome video.  This along with the AmazingLP reveal videos make the prime stock of hearthstone videos.

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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago
    Quote From sancho
    Quote From Dakarian

    A BIG fear I had is a buff that breaks the game and stays on for half a year.  

    I don't see this as very different from a new card that breaks the game and stays on for half a year, which will always be a part of this game.

    Well it syncs with my belief that it's more likely that a buff will break the game than a new card while being less likely to benefit the game. 

    Again though that's my own fears of the matter that I never can really shake.  I'm willing to concede that I'm just paranoid.

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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

    Thanks for the feedback so far everyone.  I'm still not so favorable about them but I'm glad I'm in the minority and it did make a better improvement for others.  It's hard to tell such things when youare stuck in your own headspace.


    I guess you can see the reverts as two things:

    1. Their first experience with buffing, meaning they WILL have to go through a learning phase.  You HAVE to make mistakes if you want to master something.  As such future buffing projects would potentially improve as they get a better feel of what to target and what the goals are with each buff.

    2. The reverts themselves show that they ARE willing to shift as needed and accept such mistakes.  A BIG fear I had is a buff that breaks the game and stays on for half a year.  While it's been a few months, it's really only recently that we've gone from "oo cool, Galaxy works now." to "ok.. can we get it to stop working now?"  Raven is correct that it shouldn't be a regular thing, but knowing there IS a panic button if things go sour is comforting.


    So in the end, I'm still not positive about them but they aren't a true "OMG uNINSTALL" negative for me, and if I'm ok with it if others are.


    Meanwhile, keep the opinions coming.  

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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

    In case some of you missed it.  We now know of the nerfs that are coming soon

    And in it, two of the buffs that were applied were reverted; Extra Arms and Galaxy.


    As such it made me look back at the buffs that Blizzard did with Rise of the Mechs.  I had been saying for years that I never wanted cards to be buffed.  When the buffs came I hoped that I was wrong (I was about rotations).  


    Now, looking back: I'm fearing that I wasn't wrong.  Again looking at the buffs:

    Gloop Sprayer to (7) Mana. (Down from 8): While it was experimented on, it seems to have fallen into meme territory at best.

    Mulchmuncher to (9) Mana. (Down from 10): Not even a meme, even after the buff.

    Necromechanic to (4) Mana. (Down from 5): Hunter played with it a bit in mech hunter, but that deck doesn't even use the card anymore.

    Flark's Boom-Zooka to (7) Mana. (Down from 8):  No

    Unexpected Results to (3) Mana. (Down from 4): Still not used in any mage deck

    Luna's Pocket Galaxy to (5) Mana. (Down from 7):  Had to be reversed due to overpowering the meta

    Crystology to (1) Mana. (Down from 2): The card is broken at 2 mana and the decks that use it used it at 2 mana as well as 1, so it's not really taking a bad card and improving it.  If Paladin ever finds a deck to grab a top tier spot on, this may get nerfed.  

    Glowstone Technician to (5) Mana. (Down from 6): I think it's a neat card, but I still miss Troggzor the Earthinator. Consider "I like it" to be a sign of failure.

    Extra Arms to (2) Mana. (Down from 3): Had to be reversed

    Cloning Device to (1) Mana. (Down from 2): Not currently used anywhere

    Pogo-Hopper to (1) Mana. (Down from 2): It did get some play early on, but eventually fell to meme territory

    Violet Haze to (2) Mana. (Down from 3): Still unused

    The Storm Bringer to (6) Mana. (Down from 7):  I like it.  The world deems it meme.

    Thunderhead to 3/6 (Up from 3/5):  The one Shining spot as shaman found a use for him recently.  So we did well here.

    Spirit Bomb to (1) Mana. (Down from 2): Still not used

    Dr. Morrigan to (6) Mana. (Down from 8): Very laughable

    Security Rover to 2/6 stats. (Up from 2/5) & Beryllium Nullifier to 4/8 stats. (Up from 3/8):  I put them together as they share a similar fate:  They are both never put into a deck, but are loved when found via other effects. But they already had that effect beforehand.  And they ended up bolstering a deck that then needed to be nerfed.

    So we have:

    1 card that actually improved in standing with the buff,

    2 cards who weren't trash before the buffs bolstering a deck that needed to be nerfed later

    1 card that wasn't trash before and is used as much today and may need a nerf later

    3 cards that were played with then dumped into meme status

    2 cards that broke the game and had to be reversed

    and 9 cards that remained just as trash as before.


    For hype and making keeping us engaged with the game, it did a great job.  But we only really  have 3 cards that actually got into the meta in some form and 2 of them for the worse.  Meanwhile it took 3 cards that were already existent in some form and made 1 into a potential big problem and 2 to help support another deck that needed nerfing.  

    I'm not sure all of that was worth giving Shaman a more reliable aggro deck.

    Note that I'm biased as I already felt that buffing wasn't a great idea, so I do run the risk of confirmation bias.  So I ask the community to weigh in.  Whether you worried over the buffs or spent the past few years yelling at me about why we should be doing it, how has the changes effected you.  Note to not think about how it felt right when it was happening since that's just the hype of 'something new'.  

    I mean right now, look at the list of cards, look at what you play and what you fight against, and think about how the buffs effected you, good and bad.  After that, the question: were the buffs a good idea?  

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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

    You're literally talking about Genn/Baku except with DK Hunter's hero power instead.  

    The issue with hero powers is that they are ALWAYS there.  Always available.  Always doing the same thing.  They aren't like cards where you have a cost and a limited supply allowing for both a Tempo and a Value method of stopping them.  You can NEVER outvalue a hero power. That's why they go insane very quickly.  The second they become as valuable as a card you've effectively given them a free 2 mana card EVERY SINGLE TURN.  

    You should never WANT to hit the hero power button. If the world was perfect, you should have a card to use every turn that does better.  I'd rather use Kill Command than Steady Shot.  I'd rather Frost Bolt than Firebolt.  I'd rather Shield Block than Armor Up.  I Steady Shot because I only have so many cards and need to conserve my REAL ammo: I'm sacrificing now to conserve for later.  THAT is what a Hero Power is for. 

    To put it another way: if I have my hero power, and you have cards, I should lose.  The end.

    Effects that bolster a hero power temporarily are fine.  Turning a Priest heal into damage so long as a 3/5 is around is fine.  That sort of thing.  Changing the hero power is fine IF it maintains the above.  Sometimes you can cheat and break that if you make it into the Win Condition, turning the hero power into an Exodia (I took my 5 cows to the pasture, found Hyper Farmer, and traded my mana for milk. Now I have a hero power that punches you in the face in real life!).  But otherwise, while the hero power can work differently, it should either require cards to work well or be not as good as the right cards.


    So yeah.. otherwise, hero power changes are fine.



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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago


    I consider all of my cards a 'bank' of dust.  As such there's no benefit to dusting them early. A copy of a legendary is 400 dust, whether it sits as a '2' below the card or a '400' on the bottom right.  I can literally nothing for dusting it as it doesn't go down in value.  So I keep it as is.  if I ever need the dust, I dust the copy.  

    Doing so does give the rare, but not as rare is before, chance that it could spike to 4x it's value via a nerf.  

    So to me keeping a 2nd copy of leeroy, for example, is nothing lost and a small chance at a 4x boost for a gain.  


    As far as dusting when I need it, EVERY SINGLE CARD is on the table, but it's just simply a matter of priority.  golden copies first, then copies, then 'worthless' cards, then worthless wild cards, then bad, and so on.  The trick is that I'm VERY selective on what I craft.  i'm more lax on my free dust and occasionally just craft on a whim, but once I have to dust anything, even copies, it MUST be really reasoned out, and many times I opt not to. 


    So I rarely dust in order to serve as a barrier of sorts.  It controls my spending by making me have to think before I craft.  Dust is the most precious resource in this game and literally determines how much fun and success you have here.  So anything that helps you take it seriously is a must have.

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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago
    Quote From Xarkkal

    This year the classes are split into 2 types

    "Heroes" - Mage, Hunter, Paladin & Druid

    "Villians" - Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Priest & Warlock

    Each group has received separate support in each xpac


    Heroes - Twinspell

    Villians - Lackeys


    Heroes - Highlander

    Villians - Plagues

    Since xpacs are developed in advance, it is safe to assume blizz knew how useful Twinspells would be in the highlander playstyle that they had planned for the hero classes. 

    to jump on the bandwagon and add a bit into this, by 'advance' they currently work about 4 expansions ahead.  They are literally working on Summer 2020's set RIGHT NOW.  By the time we were told that this year would be a 'theme', they were already well into development into all 3 of the sets of this year.

    So, there's a 90% chance when they introduced Twinspell for the 'heros' they already knew it would go into the highlander decks and whatever they plan to do with the heros in the next set.  

    Most of the players' deck designing is less about putting random things together than is it figuring out what Blizzard had in mind when making these decks.  They do get surprised (I don't think Yogg was meant to work they way it did in the competitive scene) but far less often than we think.

    Point is, twinspell is meant to help the highlander classes get around their highlanderness in a more nuanced way than those odd-even cards tried (and failed) with Genn/Baku.


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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

    Right now is a VERY bad time to be crafting decks if you are really after meta ones and aren't a whale.  

    Deck prices have skyrocketed because everyone is slamming every legendary and epic they can into a deck and trying it out. They won't work in the long term and eventually most of the decks and their legendaries will get kicked out of the meta.  Same in general for stuffing as many Uldun cards as possible.  Even if the deck turns out powerful, it needs time to be fine tuned, so it'll shed and add a lot of cards before it's finalized.

    As such crafting right now gives you a good chance of getting stuck with decks that get deemed bad later on.  

    It's also why your token druid deck is working better.  It's spent over 6 months being refined (started since at least Rumble).  A 6 month old high tier deck is going to wipe the floor with a batch of 2-day old decks probably made by people who don't know how to make a deck.


    Lastly, 50-80 packs generally nets you most of the commons and rares, which is the best value as far as open packs is concerned.  After that, though, you need the remaining epics and legendaries, and, bluntly, opening packs is NOT a good way to get them: far too rare, far too much of a chance to get the wrong ones.  

    Instead what you want to do is preserve your dust carefully.  Wait until the dust settles.. about 2 weeks or so, and see which decks actually hold out.  Then focus on the ones that you only need a few cards to make or uses cards that can be used in other decks you are interested in.  THEn you'll have your meta decks.


    Right now the people crafing and building are either folks who bought the entire set (about $200.  Some people can toss $200 every 4 months without batting an eye) or don't care and are crafting whatever they like even if it messes them up later.  The more cautious ones are either using Whizbang decks or spamming Arena while they let the first group sort out the bad from the good.


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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago
    Quote From RandomGuy
    Quote From Korialstrasz

    Good eve fellow Hearthstoners,

    got back to the game after taking a short break as Rise of Shadows was really bland and I really quickly lost interest in the game, quite frankly had higher hopes for it as I've been pretty dissappointed with the expansions since Boomsday Project. But honestly Saviors of Uldum really trumped it all with the massive amount of stale and bland legendaries. I've literally never EVER had 0 legendaries that interested me. Yet now I honestly have no clue what to craft. What bums me out even more is that I even won the outofcards giveaway, got super lucky with my 53 packs and still haven't got anything to do as both Standard and Wild ladders are just honestly the same old shitfest as they have been since forever. Standard being stale and Wild being, well, terrorized by decks that I don't even dare to name as I would probably get a lot of meaningless hate for it.

    Point is, I'm pretty much bored of the expansion on the first day of playing it and it's frustrating as I've loved this game to bits for such a long time. I'd appreciate any tips for some decks you guys have success with as nothing I came up seems to work. And please refrain from comments to play other card games. I've tried many and they were fun for a while, but not in a longrun.


    What do you expect from this thread? Seriously?

    He expected what ArcticFox delivered actually.  He just wanted some ideas to mess with.

    I've acctually been there.  During Un'Goro nothing seemed interesting to me. I tend to not be a 'break taker'. Once I stop playing a game, I tend to get out of the habit completely until I just don't come back. Even if I return, I soon leave even if I can 'catch up'.  So I was pretty sure if I left I would be done with hearthstone.  

    Then I saw a thread talking about wild and realized I had never touched wild, and it seemed silly to talk about not finding interesting things to do and ignoring a good 3rd of the game.  So I tried it and loved it.  Later on, Frozen Throne came along that made me want to play Standard again so I moved back, but now I know if I get bored of it I can go back to wild, or focus more on single player or arena before turning to other things.

    And sometimes that's what people need: a change of pace, a new way of looking a the same game.  


    As to the OP, I can't really offer more than what Artic did except my own experience. And for myself I found that I enjoy the game most when I look at Ranked differently from most. to me, Ranked is 20-15 with anything past that being 'legend'.  Thus I make a bit of effort to get to 'top rank' then relax afterwards.  As far as decks, I usually avoid decks that are 'solved'.  Conjure mage is already good so why in the hades do I need to waste time playing it when I can just watch a streamer do the same?  

    I prefer 'partially solved' ones.  Decks that have a backbone but aren't fleshed out yet (at least in a way that I know of it).  I fell in love with Muckmorpher Shaman recently as it seems a powerful concept but had big questions of how to survive aggro and how to avoid getting dead hands.  I'm pretty sure someone has 'fixed' it since then but I'm not interested in digging deep to find out and rather try to tinker on it on my own.  Before then Rumble made me LOVE heal paladin.  In fact I'm still interested in revisiting the Spirits there and see if I can make some of those things work (except Shark, which has already been proven to work). 

    So that's where most of my time goes, finding decks that are half broken and trying to fix them. Occasionally I'll see a deck that's just FUN and play it regardless.  I'm pretty sure if I get the druid quest when I open my packs I'm  netdecking that deck with no shame. 


    I don't really focus on how often I see XYZ decks from my opponents.  I hang around rank 20-15 so I see a good bit of variety and a lot of top tier decks handled very VERY badly.  in the end I see them the same way I see AI opponents.  If I play Mario, I expect to see Bowser, so I'm mostly replaying to find new ways to beat him.  Same here: Bomb warrior showing 50 times in a row is just 50 times I get to try and master different strategies: see if Muck beats it, see if Tess Rogue does it, see if I can get a Reno deck to work on it.  My joy isn't in what they do, but what I do to them.



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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

    Raid the Sky Temple  Not happy as I don't see much of mage to be interested in.  Getting more random spells seems even less interesting.  Maybe I can make a deck of PUR RANDOMNEZZ of only cards that make other cards.




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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

    Holy #()4)#( we're already a day in and the general mentality is still very positive?


    I honestly swear that's not me being trolly or hyperbolic.  In almost every expansion since at least TGT the community had found some major deck to rage over, whether it was Secret paladin, C'thun decks, Jade Druid, Cubelock, Shudderwock, or so on.  Even in expansions we loved there would be SOMETHING to rage over.  

    So yeah, seeing this thread I was seriously looking for That Deck.  And by the above.. it sounds like a pretty awesome run so far.  That sounds great.

    Myself I never get into the meta at this point. I'm in spam-arena mode, so I just have to watch how everyone is taking to the meta.  


    As far as the old deck users.. hoarding gold doesn't really help a F2Per in MAKING decks.  It gets you the core commons and rares and a few legnedaries to start aiming yourself towards. But you have to craft the final key cards to make any deck. And only the insane (or new who will learn the issues shortly) F2Per will be crafting a single bit of ANYTHING at this time.  Instead you'll either be in Arena, playing Wonderful decks or playing your old stuff, especially if they still can get you somewhere.  

    Once things stabilize, we'll sort over the riff raff and join in.




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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago
    Quote From Bersak

    Is there any possible strategy to maximise the profit? Is a 2-2 run better to be saved for the reset then a 7-2 for example? Both have Pros and cons... 

    Probably not worth the thought but how do you approach it? 

    I tried to mathematicly solve this but it‘s more complexe then i thought. Guessed winrate, average profit per win and stuff

    Honestly there's no real point to forcing yourself to 'hold' to a spot.  If you want to keep playing when you are at 2 losses that's fine.  If you lose, just start another run.

    The only serious requirement is this: to have an active arena run when the reset happens.  I've literally had times when the only literal thing I had literal time for is to open the program, start a run, pick random cards, then close the program.  It was literally 0-0.  Literally.  Note that this isn't an issue since I start a new set spamming arena anyway.

    Basically, unless you litera(ok I'll stop) never play arena, it's a benefit to have SOMETHING up.

    Even if you go 0-0, let it reset, then run the free ticket and retire at 0-0, and get the worst reward at each time, you get 2 packs, and 2 common cards.  10 dust and 200 gold worth of packs for 150 gold. You're 50 gold and 10 dust ahead without playing a single game.  


    If you really REALLY want to min max it, I can see ONE way to lose out: every arena run that ends in 3 losses is just that, a normal arena run. And any time you get less than 50 gold/dust you technically lose out.  That happens at 2/3 or less and sometimes happens at 3/3 (4 wins guarantees at least 50 gold).  So playing at 1/2, 2/2, or 3/2 risks you getting a third loss and losing out.  Again, a reset arena run, even at 0/0 is always an advantage.  

    So if you really REALLY want to min-max things I would go with this:

    Start an arena run. Play it to 2 losses.  If you are 4 wins or more at that point, play the whole thing out, then start a new run.  

    If you are 3 wins or less when you hit 2 losses, STOP and let that one sit for a reset.  

    And, of course, if you run out of time, just stop where you are.  No point forcing 2 losses just to 'be at 2 losses'.  If you don't have a run going, you can leave it at 0/0 before you close.

    Then after reset, play as normal.



    But really this is nitpicking.  So honestly if you want my advice, I'll TL;DR it for you:




    TL:DR Summary


    1. JUST #()$#)( play.    

    2.  There IS a min-maxed exact way to maximize this thing, but I'm playing the Snob card here:  If you aren't interested in reading more than this summary then sacrificing some enjoyment of the game to make sure you don't accidentally lose 20 gold isn't that important.  So again.

    Play Arena like you normally do, a lot, nothing at all, I don't care.

    Do NOT close the game without an Arena run open, even if it's 0/0 with random cards picked.  

    Reset happens.  play the run.  Even if you go 0/3 you won.  Enjoy.



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    Quote From TotemBiS
    Quote From ShanghaiKid

    Not excited at all about this expansion. I main Pally/Priest and ROS was pretty bad for standard Priest, so some of this is salt.

    This expansion for Pally players is absolutely awful. I've been playing since GVG was released and this is the first expansion I'm passing on. 

    Does the priest quest not make you even slightly excited? :( I

    It's actually pretty hard to pull off.  I played Heal Paladin when it was easier for them to heal than priests and I'll state that it's pretty darn hard to get 10 points of healing done.  This is 15 on a class not known for being tempo oriented.  Then they give you a hero power that's extremely tempo oriented.  And none of these cards are win conditions.  Doing 'cool things' does not a winning deck make.  

    Not saying it's bad. But it's not going to be easy to find the great priest deck.

     I was writing that other post earlier and was looking over the cards to pick out which ones I get cool ideas for.  I went over to Paladin and literally felt my hype fall.  There's classes like mage and druid that are in "oh I see what to do here, but I don't like it."  There's stuff like priest that's "I can't see what I can do with this, but I want to try."  And stuff like Rogue or Warlock that's "OMG I WANTS ALL OF THIS!"  

    Paladin I literally wish I could UNSEE their cards.  I actually think I would be more hype for the class if they literally didn't release any cards.  I am NOT #()$#(0 kidding.  I'm looking at the neutral cards and going "hmm, ther's a card that heals minions and reborn... I could use that in heal paladin.  Then I look at the class cards and go "WTF am I supposed to DO with this!?  8 mana mass murloc summon with no murloc synergy!?  a ()$##@)( load of 1 health crap that aren't mechs, aren't reborn, arn't murlocs, can't be healed, aren't spells, aren't secrets... WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS!?

    Then I run to Rogue and cry on her shoulder.


    I'm fine in the end since I abandoned Paladin for Shaman during RoS, because Muck is abusive, and I'm hype for more excuses to try to make Tess Rogue a thing some more and I have no clue what I want to do with Warlock but I want to do all of it.  

    But if you're maining Priest you're very afraid.  If you're maining Paladin you are probably trying to make a time machine so you can delete the files for Warcraft 2 before it releases so that you can pay Blizzard back for making every day of your life a living HELL.


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    Quote From Almaniarra

    You will pay for that, Cur ! and;

    You're shivering, Are you afraid ? Frost Lich Jaina one of the best !

    OMG you're right.  I still remember a game where my opponent, as her, healed herself to full from near death and basically had the game on lock.  I got worried that I had lost at that point, then THAT emote came out.

    F... U.  DOUBLE that because she was right.


    I'm weird though.  Things like wow spam doesn't really bother me. In fact, those live action card reveals with that priest ruined it: now I just find it funny.  But emotes that comment on the situation accurately really REALLY hurt.

    So yeah, seeing a game where I screwed up and, right at the end be told "this is a ..teachable moment" is going to suck. Thankfully most trollers aren't that good at what they do, so it'll be fine.


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    This is a very Johnny set.  People are looking at the high impact cards.  I'm looking at the quests and going "I want to try to make them ALL work!"  My Muck Shaman has new things to play with like Blatant Decoy, and Mischief Maker would fit in my combo nuking deck.  

    And I'm so SO hoping someone figures out a way to amek Desert Obelisk to work.

    Also VERY curious about a heal/revive priest.  Everyone keeps thinking about Injured blademaster for heal synergy but not really thinking about how constantly bringing back a 4/7 is very *VERY* painful, especially when not nuking that 7 health means it'll get healed back up fast.

    So yeah, good days.  

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