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About Echo

I'm here to kick ass and make needlessly long comments for cards with lots of random effects to find the percent chance of getting a specific outcome, and I'm all out of ass to kick. I need to be liked and upvoted by the community or else my life is pointless and I will sink back to the depths I once came from only to return when something comes out that I want to make a comment on.

Aside from that, I like to play the only real decks in the game, that being ones that I either lose or kill someone within 5 minutes and require the same mental capacity of a toddler to play.

Oh, and I play Magic, mainly commander but also a bit of modern, standard, and hopefully soon pioneer. Here's a link to my current decks.

If you are interested in talking to me directly for some godforsaken reason, my discord's Echo#2553, I tend to be less of a satirical shitter when talking to people directly I promise.


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