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    Quote From Erodos

    As we all know, Shaman is not in a strong spot right now. Thrall simply can't keep up with Illidan's early-game tempo, or Valeera's value. However, I feel like Shaman has the tools to fight for a spot in the meta anyway. Besides Totem Shaman and Evolve Shaman, which already have a small (but unimpressive) role in the meta, I feel like there is room for a third Shaman deck, based around two few specific, very powerful cards - Hier ist ein Blick auf den natürlichen Zaun.Squallhunter and Serpentshrine Portal. These cards give you so much extra burst to finish out games when combined with each other or with cards like Lightning Bolt and Lava Burst, which your opponents won't see coming.

    Spearheaded by a friend of mine, he made this spell-damage focused deck:

    Inspired by that, I took out a lot of the spell damage cards and made it more Dragon focused:

    So, which of these decks do you like more? Do you have another idea to build a tempo shaman build? Or do you think this idea is doomed from the start?





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