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    Posted 3 years, 11 months ago

    DR. BOOM MAD GENIUS NEEDS TO F***ING GO.  I lost thanks to that card because of the 7 armor the battlecry gives, (opponent had 7 health the following turn upon playing it) I could not get through the additional 35 armor gained over the course of the turns played afterwards, that is 65 health in case ya didn't realize.  Blizzard PLEASE STOP printing hero cards.  "infinite value cards" suck to play against as ANY deck.  I don't care if you're a smorc hunter or control priest and everyone in between, Hagatha, Boom, and Zu'ljin should have never been printed and they all should have left with all the other hero cards.  Some should not have hero cards, either all have them (at varying viability) or none.  If there is not going to be an inherent downside then they should not be printed.  Juraxxus is the ONLY hero card I feel that is perfectly balanced, very powerful effect, but you can only have 15 health...there NEEDS to be a downside to these things to make them "fair" to play against.


    (yes I think conjurers needs a nerf as well, maybe lose the twinspell tag on that one)



    Frustrated long time player, with a new hole in his wall

    P.S. Do not tell me the typical answer of well you just need to counter that deck, that is the problem with Warrior right now...there is almost NO counter to it besides maybe Mech Paladin (control pally main here) and that deck is at BEST a Tier 3 

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    Posted 3 years, 11 months ago

    This is not so much of a salty post as it is a genuinely curious question to those whom ARE salty.  

    Personally I have enjoyed playing with and against Sn1p-Sn4p (in standard sorry to go fairly off topic of your thread I just do not know how to create a thread yet)

    Now I am a Paladin main (yes the N'Zoth Control kind we do still exist as much as we died thanks to the stupid brain dead odd paladin of old)  however I miss the games of REAL control and value, no matter what class I play it seems that Warrior is always going to out value EVER other class.  I know that there are counters, and some games can be won by playing heavier aggression or strong mid range decks.  

    My curious question is how does Blizzard not feel there is an inherent issue with Warriors ability to constantly create infinite value.  I personally LOVE Archivist Elisiana I think it is a genuinely COOL card that can be ran in EVERY deck so that is not the issue.  My issue personally (and please feel free to disagree with me) is with Dr. Boom Mad genius...the warrior player is able to discover (with class card buffs of course) mechs that ALL have rush and INSANE stacking battlecry effects...I am just perplexed as to how this was seen as completely fine for the game where as Tempo Rogue that was simply killing people fast was viewed as bad for the game...? 

    I have been playing HS for well over 3 years almost 4 now, I have not been here since day one, however I remember a time when most games were a battle of winning or losing by turns 6-8 (not much different than the now nerfed Tempo Rogue games) 

    Once again not really a salty post as more of a discussion opener.  Thanks in advance for input and thoughts :)