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    Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

    Well, I hope you like DuckTales then, so that I can't count on your support on LEGO Ideas 😜

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    Posted 2 years, 3 months ago
    Quote From Fluxflashor

    That's some pretty slick building! Where's the Hearthstone lego at to combine your previous passion with your new one? :D

    Lego is awesome. A few years back I purchased some of the lego trains stuff since it was a childhood dream to have one of them. Being a member of the lego club and getting the magazine every month or two, those damn trains always taunted me. Relegated to a plastic bin because I don't have a dedicated space for them post building, I hope one day I can setup a dedicated room to build out a city, another dream.

    Its such a relaxing activity building sets or creating your own stuff with the mix of pieces collected over the years, so congrats on revisiting the hobby! 

    Thank you :) Well, there is LEGO Overwatch, it they will ever come up with LEGO Hearthstone i will definetely buy *.*


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    Posted 2 years, 3 months ago
    Quote From Thraxus

    P.S. You are aware that if you should make it to the 10k supporters and if Lego should actually decide to turn your idea into an actual product, they will pretty much screw you. You will basically have to give up all rights for a meager 1% of net sales. Will vote for you anyways :) Good luck.

    Edit: Just realized Ducktales is a license topic. Not sure, but hope that will not be a problem for them

    Wouldn't call it "mere". 1% of something that will be sold in thousands of copy (plus LEGO is generally pricy) is still quite a lot of money.

    About license: DuckTales is allowed on LEGO Ideas, Scrooge McDuck no. This because when I submitted my idea in may, they were about to release Scrooge, Huey, Dewey and Louie's brickhadz -.-'' (just my luck). So at first they rejected my idea, then I submitted it again with some tweaks (it wasn't anymore Scrooge McDuck's money bin, but Glomgold's, his archnemesis). This costed me a lot of visibility in the first place, cause no one knows or cares about Glomgold. I edited the project, now it's simply "DuckTales: the money bin". But I still can't use Scrooge's name or image.
    Yet i'm almost at 1400 votes after 2 months, not an amazing speed rate, but still enough to hope to get to 10k :)

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    Posted 2 years, 4 months ago

    Hi everyone. The past few months I played 0 Hearthstone. Let's say that after 4 years I was growing tired, then DH came out, I started enjoy the game less and less. Still purchased the last 2 expansions, but the last one I didn't play AT ALL. I don't earn the monthly card back since 3 months. I just stopped enjoying the game and becoming more and more bored (I think it's normal, considering it represented my daily routine in the past 4 years).

    I recently re-discovered an old passion of my childhood: LEGO ! Started with some LEGO Ideas set, continued with the Colosseum, the I did the big step: I started my own MOC (My own creation). Particularly, one I was pretty fond of: Scrooge McDuck's Money bin.
    For those who don't know, Scrooge McDuck is Donald Duck's stingy uncle, richest duck in the world, who lives in a giant cube (the money bin) containing 3 cubic acres of coins. DuckTales and comics with Scrooge McDuck represent a huge part of my childhood, and I had plenty of fun recreating them LEGO version.

    Here are some photos, but first let me say one more thing: if you like what you see, please support (aka, VOTE, completely free) my project on LEGO Ideas. If it reaches 10 thousand votes, LEGO will consider it to release it as an official set. It would mean the world to me. Link at the end of the post
    Enough talking, let's go with the tour.

    The DuckFamily outside the money bin
    The outside, with the whole Duck family
    Top view
    Top view (34 cm tall)
    Push the front wall away to get in
    Push away the front wall to 'get inside'

    First floor with anti-theft protection cannon, security camera, wall with secret passage behind the painting


    Second floor top view

    Canopy bed made of 100 dollar bills

    Family pic by comic writer/genious Don Rosa and motivational quote in front of his bed xD

    The salon, a.k.a. 'THE WORRY ROOM' (carpet is threadbare because he keeps walking in circle)

    Another great quote by author Don Rosa. 

    Bath-tub filled with coins and shower curtain made of dollars

    Scrooge's office. My masterpiece, it has it all: number 1 dime, earth globe, multiple phones, profits's graphic skyrocketing, pyramid of coins for Donald to polish them, but most of all...

    ... a functioning trapdoor! It opens when you push forward and closes when you push back!

    The beloved number 1 dime

    Donald polishing coins

    Graphic of profits

    To get to the back we'll ask the help of a giant LEGO Darth Vader

    DAMN RIGHT! It's a piggy bank! The back of the roof has a slot to insert coins. So you can fill the money bin with real coins. And admire it full through the big transparent panels.

    DID YOU LIKE IT? THEN VOTE IT ON LEGO IDEAS --> LEGO Ideas Scrooge McDuck's money bin
    Thank you all in advance guys ;)

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    Posted 3 years, 7 months ago

    So, i was missing two Living Roots after i dusted them when they were considered epics (LOL). I then bought a TGT pack to get them back, and I got 2 epics, 1 rare, 1 regular living roots and a golden common.

    So, even tho Living Roots was the only common missing, the golden common didnt take that into account and just gave me a random golden common.

    I did notice tho, that if you have all cards of a certain rarity, but one of them is regular and the other one is golden, you will get a regular copy of that card.

    I guess is good when you have all legendaries in a set and one of them is golden. Next legendary should be a regular copy of the golden one (so you can dust it afterwards without impacts on your collection and craft another legendary of your choice).