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    Posted 3 years, 10 months ago

    1- Create more game modes, for example having a constructed format with rotating sets would be a fun deckbuilding challenge for a few months, just like how arena works right now.

    2- More cosmetics and in-game achievements: make full art cards or different kind of foil cards, or either more hero skins obtainable by reaching let's say 5k wins with a hero, that would encourage players to keep grinding and playing the game, otherwise there is no point in playing constructed

    3- Make wild more accessible by reducing the cost of crafted cards, otherwise new players will never bother spending resources on this game mode since they're starting so far behind compared to an old player with a vast collection. In this way new players will have the opportunity to try new decks and the wild game mode and veteran players will see a growth in the wild community so they might start giving a damn about their collection and unused cards

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