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    Posted 1 year, 8 months ago

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    I still have the quest

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago
    Quote From Avalon

    Why so negative?

    Exactly what was negative?  Did you read what I wrote?

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    I enjoy laughing at all the kids who cried for the last 4 months about quests are now crying about wombo combos and minion based interactions.  You gotta love the absolute self-hate these people exude.

    Personally when I looked at the card lists I knew it was going to be an rng clown fest of high rolls and destroyed keyboards and mice. People will never be happy. This cycle has repeated itself since I started playing back in closed beta of 2014.  I’m done with the 7200 honor I’m level 30 on the RT and I’m just knocking down achievements. 

    People really need to get over winning and losing because the game doesn’t track losses so  it’s all just meaningless grinding. The whole point of the game is to enjoy card based WoW and have some laughs.

    I for one love the artwork and voice lines. The art in this expansion , I think, is the best yet.  

    Casino mage is really crazy this time around and I already made my personal list solid gold for maximum effect. 

    How is everyone dealing with the day 1 clown fest?

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Bugs are back for all legendaries chain reward completion and I’m getting the same bug with neutral cards. I have every card in the set and multiple duplicate legendaries after opening 355 packs. Progress says 24 of 25 legendaries and 33 of 34 neutral cards collected. Also I am stick on 2/3 for games played with shaman, mage or demo hunter even though I’ve played 5 games. 


    im sure they will fix these soon. Anyone else can confirm?

    In reply to Lots of bugs
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    Posted 1 year, 11 months ago

    I bought all the bundles and bought the intro bundles after launch also. I’ve opened 170 + packs and have all the toons except 4. I could craft them with coins but what for?

    I didn’t watch any of the pre-launch stuff and just dove right in.  After leveling 15 toons to 10 and going through most of the barrens content before I got bored I think the mode is pretty simplistic to play and doesn’t require much thought for a whale. You just outlevel the content and steamroll it

    This mode will be bot fodder for f2p players because it’s very repetitive. 

    Blizzard just took the coding from existing modes and tossed it together and voila! You have an addictive gacha with power level walls.

    The higher level stuff does ramp up and you pretty much need level 2 abilities or the right toons to defeat the runs.

    I average about 550-600 coins for every merc toon I have so upgrading isn’t an issue. The grind for an f2p would make me rather hit myself in the head with a hammer..

    There is very little thinking when you outlevel the content and even if you didn’t there still isn’t much . 

    I’ve spent the gold and upgraded the starting areas as far as I’ve gotten. The quests were a breeze to do and went quick. You do get a bit of rewards track xp so that’s a bonus. 

    The best thing about the mode are the voice acting ,animations and interactions.  You get random treasures and bonuses that buff your party and the enemies as well to mix things up a bit.

    I won’t bother to spend another dime on it and will just run through the quests and that’s about it. 

    The mode is a welcome break to the boring state of the main game right now so that’s the biggest plus. The only way I foresee anyone really caring about this mode is if they introduce cross mode rewards that force players to engage the content. 

    I foresee this getting old very quick and the rating rewards look abysmal.  

    it’s pretty easy to power level new toons as they all get xp just for being in the party even if you don’t use them.

    pretty much all of the battles so far have just been focus fire one enemy and burn it down, rinse  and repeat.  The mode will have to eventually support bigger parties and multiple phase matches to really have any thinking involved imo.

    A welcome distraction that has potential but the gacha coins monster this is will have the community raging no doubt. This is exactly why I see it ultimately failing. The grind will be insanely boring which will just kill motivation to play, I think. The mode will end up being a whale fest mixed with tons of bots. 

    We should see some time extrapolations soon based on re-running the same level content for the rewards I’d love to see just how much time 40 pack bundles save you from grinding.

    Enjoy the new mode for what it’s worth. It has potential but as of right now I’d give it a 4 out of 10.

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    Posted 2 years ago

    I'm at 145 and did all the achievements weeks ago.  I'll finish with 270-275 without much effort.  I play at work while I get paid so I'm in a very small minority that can do that. I'm at work now posting this. Took all 3 modes to D5 and that's all I care to do. I hit legend multiple times and did it very early on in the game. Having every card makes it pretty easy. Monday clearing all the weekly quests takes about 35-45 minutes. It's pretty easy to do the math and figure out where you will end up,. 

    15,600 a week for the weekly quest and that includes rerolls for 1200xp assuming you have the pass. 

    starting today and assuming all quests reroll 1200  you play to 400xp extra eaxh day and the new set launches on dec7th.  you will get 184,600 xp at 1500xp a level is 123 lvls. That would put me at 268. Ill finish 270-275 maybe a bit higher and ill end up with 14000 gold. This is all done with minimal effort. I don't buy anything with gold until the new xpansion launches which ill get 140 free packs plus 130 from both. preorders plus 120 from 3 more 40 pack bundles I buy. I buy all my packs with Amazon coins at 20% off    breaks down to $295.62 for preorders and 3 bundles . and $236 after the coin discount  i open 400 packs after the free ones on release day quests and whatnot so I have the entire collection on day 1.  Take that and divide it buy 112 days per expansion and you get $2.10 cents a day i pay to play hearthstone. Some people think its a lot of money , I personally don't. That price is for whale level account. I have over 200k dust sitting around to make the best cards gold. 

    I did spend money and bought all standard and classic rank gold bundles they just released so I did drop a bit more this xpansion but thats how I roll. Anyone else at the $2 a day whale level here?

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    Posted 2 years ago

    I'm considering buying all the bundles but I'm also waiting for more info on the mode. I've played Hearthstone since closed beta and have every card in the game. I have supported the game by buying every preorder and bundle that was ever released for it but I might even be at my end with this new mode. I typically average about 150 free packs from the RT each season and on top of that I buy both pre-orders and another 2-3  40 pack bundles for each expansion. Reading that mercenaries requires in game gold to bolster your town is pretty harsh. I'm one of the few people who have a lot of downtime at work and I am able to play there but who has the time to play both modes and progress? I am able to clear all 4 quests on Monday in less than an hour but I can only do that because I have a complete collection at my disposal. 

    Devs need money for their work and I don't expect anyone to work for free but I do find it as odd and concerning as the rest of you that for a new mode that has $130 worth of pre-orders in the shop has had such a poor introduction with no follow-up at all. 

    Blizzard wants me to spend  $30-$130 on a game they have shown no enthusiasm for since the lackluster announcement.  This would lead one to believe the product will be sub-standard upon official release and only those who spent money on it will agonize through it just because they already purchased it.

    The real tip-off for the grand disappointment Mercenaries will be at launch is not the lack of info about the game but rather the prices of the pre-orders. Nobody in their right mind would release a product they knew would be great on day one and charge what they are charging. I'd rather have three people give me $19.99 than one person give me $49.99.  This also feeds into the "whale" theory for those that do buy the bundles they will be so far ahead of everyone else that the time needed to offset that gap won't be worth it. 

    I was one of the people surveyed months ago about pricing structures and how much I was willing to spend on products that were released. This survey was before blizzard released the multi-game anniversary bundles. They wanted to figure out how to structure these bundles in such a way to provide the most revenue from different combinations of games  and rewards at each tier of the offer. There were a lot of questions about the upcoming mercenary mode as well. Pricing , UI layout,  loading screen graphics, etc...I left comments specifically for the Mercenaries mode and told blizzard I would not even play the game if I had to buy each mercenary nor would I play it if I had to spend more than 30-40 minutes playing to clear all of the quests for the week.

    Don't get me wrong, the mode looks very cool. The art and voice acting are what has kept me playing hearthstone for all these years. Blizzard will definitely be releasing more on the mode before it goes live and only then will I make my final decision to buy all the bundles or none of them.  If I don't buy any of the bundles chances are I'll probably play it as much as I play duels and that's almost never.