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    Quote From Spindan

    Well I haven't checked the history to see if such a suggestion but I do have an idea for an adequate nerf.
    "Battlecry: Reveal a minion from your deck, summon a 1/1 Actor to gain the same text"
    Neuters any annoying ressurection they could pull to at least keep Big Priest from being so annoying.

    This suggestion was mentioned in this very thread just a few posts above yours. From what I have seen people seem to think it is one of the better ideas on how to mitigate the craziness of BP. The only thing that it doesn't change is if the priest high rolls and Barns gives them a mini Yogg which then pulls out some other insane creature. In my opinion yogg is the biggest issue with BP is when it snowballs out of control. Barnes getting one of the other big minions can be dealt with. There are transform effects and ways to muddle up the resurrect pool. Yogg combined with Barnes or other cheat cards is the biggest snowball effect.