With the launch of Rising Tides we're getting some additional in-game cosmetics including the new customizable card back and emote slots!

  • 1 New Gameboard
  • 2 New Guardians
  • 10 New Emotes
  • 10 New Card Backs

For more details on all the new cosmetics, read on! You can find all our Rising Tides coverage here or if you're looking for all the revealed cards, you'll want to head on over to our Rising Tides expansion guide.

The Slaughter Docks Gameboard

A new Bilgewater themed gameboard has been added to the game.

10 New Emotes

We're getting 10 new emotes! These are available for 190 coins each in the shop. These are the 4 we currently know about, more details coming when we have them!

10 New Card Backs

We're getting card backs in Legends of Runeterra! Some of the new card backs represent each region in the game and will be unlockable by completing their respective region road. Oh, we should also point out that region roads have been increased in length so get that grind on!

Here is an image Riot shared with us of the new card backs.

Outside of the 7 regional card backs, the other 3 are representing champions. These champions are all receiving their own card backs.

  • Garen - The Might of Demacia
  • Jinx - The Loose Cannon
  • Yasuo - The Unforgiven

These champion card backs will be available in the in-game shop for 490 coins each.

Which card backs do you like the most?

2 New Board Guardians

Riot has added two new board guardians to the game! These are both available in the in-game shop under the following names.

  • Baley
  • Powder Monkey

Additional Customization

As an added bonus, you can now create loadouts of customization with your decks. If you've ever wanted to theme your board to your deck, this is now possible!

Quote From Riot

To go along with all the new options, we’ve added the ability to customize and save individual deck loadouts for boards, guardians, emotes, and card backs. Whether you want to make sure your favorite guardian is always along for the ride or accompany your strategy with the perfect theme, you can now set up every deck just right.

  • Loadout preview and selector added to the deck info panel when selecting a deck (in either Play or Collection).
  • Click on the icons to adjust a deck’s loadout—choices now customize options on a per-deck basis (rather than for all decks).
  • Expeditions also get their own loadout—edit it once and it will last until you next update it.
  • Newly created decks will start with the loadout of your last-played deck.
  • Decks created before Patch 1.0 will be set to your last used loadout from before the patch.
  • Various associated UI cleanup.