Last week, we looked at concept art for the new region, Bilgewater. However, there's more from Rising Tides to cover, so in this installment, we'll be looking at concept art for the original 6 regions in Rising Tides. As always, all of this artwork is available to view on Riot's partner site, Six More Vodka. Links to all of the artist's Artstation or Deviantart profiles will also be provided.

Overgrown Snapvine by Valentin Glaoguen

We start off with a few spooky tree monsters from the Shadow Isles. This one in particular, devours your other monsters and creates copies of itself. Valentin Glaoguen here made the art for the card in question, Overgrown Snapvine, internally known as "Treehydra".

Maokai (Level 1) by Claudiu-Antoniu Magherusan

Claudiu-Antoniu Magherusan provided this concept art for Maokai in his level 1 form, although the final art would actually be mirrored.

Maokai (Level 2) by Michal Ivan

Michal Ivan provided this concept art for Maokai, this time in his upgraded form (and also in a much more primitive stage).

Terror of the Tides by William Bao

William Bao provided this concept art for Terror of the Tides, the only non-Bilgewater Sea Monster in the game.

The artwork previously marked it as a Bilgewater card, which suspected me to believe that it was originally a Bilgewater card changed at the last minute. This theory is supported by the fact that it specifically supports Sea Monsters despite being the only Sea Monster available outside of Bilgewater. As all image URLs have been updated though, it's likely that this was just a mistake on SMV's part.

Quinn (Level 1) by Marko Djurdjevic

Marko Djurdjevic provided concept art for Quinn in her level 1 form. Quinn happens to be the only representation of Demacia in this article.

Quinn (Level 2) by Monika Palosz

And here is her level 2 form, from Monika Palosz. In all reality, the art focuses on Valor more than it does Quinn herself. Speaking of Valor...

Valor by Monika Palosz

... Here's Johnny Valor!

Vi (Level 1) by Gerald Parel

Moving onto Piltover & Zaun, we have Vi in her level 1 form from Gerald Parel.

Vi (Level 2) by Claudiu-Antoniu Magherusan

And here she is her level 2 form, from Claudiu-Antoniu Magherusan. Didn't even call her Vii.

Veteran Investigator by Gerald Parel

Concept art of Veteran Investigator from Gerald Parel. I wish I had a joke here. :(

Subpurrsible by Hugo Lam

Hugo Lam provided this concept art for Subpurrsible, and I see that Riot isn't stopping with the cat puns any time soon. The card is internally just called "Submersible", which is the actual name of the vehicle in real life.

Patrol Wardens by Gerald Parel

Gerald Parel provided this concept art for the Patrol Wardens catching Jinx... who seems to be playing Jet Set Radio.

Insightful Investigator by Gerald Parel

Gerald also provided the artwork for Insightful Investigator. I feel like being "insightful" is just part of the job though.

Chief Mechanist Zevi by Chris Kintner

Chris Kintner provided the artwork for Chief Mechanist Zevi, known simply as "Arms Engineer" internally.

Lee Sin by Maki Planas Mata & Claudiu-Antoniu Magherusan

Moving onto Ionia, our first piece is Lee Sin which is a double effort from Maki Planas Mata and Claudiu-Antoniu Magherusan. He doesn't wear that blindfold all the time, does he?

Claws of the Dragon by Gerald Parel

Gerald Parel provided the artwork for Claws of the Dragon... whom has... very... unconventional... weaponry. Seriously, that weapon does not seem safe to use.

Tail of the Dragon by Marko Djurdjevic

And here's the dragon's butt... er, I mean tail. Here is Tail of the Dragon by Gerald Parel, which has the name "Aspect of the Serpent" internally.

The Leviathan by Chris Kintner

Our first ship in this article, and the start of our short trip to Noxus, comes from Chris Kintner with The Leviathan.

Swain by Michal Ivan

And here's the card you'll want to draw with that Leviathan, Swain (in his level 1 form) from Michal Ivan.

Sejuani by Monika Palosz

Monika Palosz provided the artwork for one of the most hyped cards during the reveal of the set, Sejuani in her level 2 form.

The Tuskraider by Claudiu-Antoniu Magherusan

But what would Sejuani be without her ship, The Tuskraider? Still good, but... you're going to play Tuskraider anyway.

Ember Maiden by Michal Ivan

And here is our final card of the article, Ember Maiden. She wants to know, do you like to play with fire?

None of the concept drawings on white backgrounds this time, as there are none for these cards. With that said, we're at the end of the article. There aren't any more articles for now, but there will be in the future when we have more cards.