If you've ever wanted to design a card for Magic: The Gathering, your chance has arrived! Wizards of the Coast has partnered up with Omaze and the Make-A-Wish foundation to make this dream a reality, in exchange for helping make the dreams of others a reality.

Omaze is a platform that works with non-profits to run fundraisers with giveaways courtesy of companies and celebrities. Through the purchase of tickets, you'll be entered into the drawing for the prize, which in this case means you'll get to go to the Wizards HQ, play unreleased product, and create a Magic card of your own for an upcoming set.

If you're interested, here are more details. Also, you can get a single entry for free by clicking here.

Quote From Omaze

Less than 1,000 people have designed official Magic: The Gathering cards—and you’re about to join that exclusive club! That’s right, you’re heading to where the Magic actually happens to meet up with head Magic designer Mark Rosewater to design your very own card. You’ll help decide everything from how it works, the story behind it and which color deck it’ll go in. Then you’ll get a special look at Wizards of the Coast HQ and meet the incredible teams that build all the planes you know and love. Yes, this includes meeting the infamous dragon Mitzy. And before the day’s over, you’ll even play a top-secret game with an unreleased product against designers and have the chance to give feedback that might influence the set design. Ready to make some Magic? Flights and hotel included.


  • Create your own Magic card for an upcoming product with head designer Mark Rosewater and brainstorm its mechanics, creative and balance (just for you, but your friend can join the brainstorm!)

  • Score a behind-the-scenes tour of Wizards of the Coast HQ, meet the teams that build the planes of Magic and have lunch with the Magic Design Studio

  • Play a top-secret game against world-class designers with an unreleased product

  • Get flown out to Seattle and put up in a 4-star hotel

Your safety and peace of mind is our top priority, so this experience will be scheduled when it’s safe to travel and convenient for our partners.