As the birthday celebration continues for Out of Cards, our Cake Scavenger Hunt has arrived!

Based on feedback from our easter egg hunt earlier this year, we've divided up our clues into different pools. For those that aren't in the know on Legends of Runeterra, fear not for you can safely ignore them and get your precious Hearthstone rewards. Speaking of rewards, we'll be distributing them after the celebration ends as to not give away any potential clue answers. 

If you are on a page that gives you credit for a clue, you will find a special image declaring that to be the case and the status on this post will be updated to reflect that you found it. Here is what you are looking for.

The hunt for the slices of cake ends on June 8. You have until then to finish all the criteria down below. Once the competition ends, we'll reward all the achievement owners with the proper rewards.

Cake Hunt Prizes

  • Completing the Hearthstone Hunt will reward you with some Hearthstone-specific site cosmetics.
  • Completing the Runeterra Hunt will reward you with some Runeterra-specific site cosmetics.
  • Completing either of the challenges enters you to win a 30-day premium membership. (Stacks with existing premium, giving away 10 in total)

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The Hearthstone Birthday Cake Hunt

We've got 17 clues for you for Hearthstone which is a fair number more than last time. Can you use your detective skills to figure them all out?

  1. The grand finale of the Beasts of Northrend.
  2. Ben Foster is a fan of these sleeves.
  3. Don't mess with the bird, it burns.
  4. This is our town, scrub.
  5. We should have listened to the bard, he knew The Witchwood was coming.
  6. I think I made an angry poo-poo. It gonna blow!
  7. The Nightmare of Everything.
  8. What do Novice Engineer, Sen'jin Shieldmasta' and Ragnaros the Firelord have in common?
  9. Never let your mistress know too many secrets - they'll quickly ascend the royal family.
  10. Everyone get in here!
  11. You have my gratitude.
  12. The original version of this one-handed mace could be equipped by Druids, Paladins, Priests, and Shamans.
  13. Good enough to eat.
  14. When you cross fan creations and seriously mean individuals.
  15. Whoops! We didn't like our choices but that doesn't matter since we'll just play it again for free.
  16. We can't believe this titan-forged hammer was traded for a candle.
  17. "For the rest of the game, win more." - Blizzard 2018
Your Hearthstone Hunt Status

The Legends of Runeterra Birthday Cake Hunt

Not as many clues for things on the Runeterra side, but they're still going to require some hunting.

  1. Raise Your Dongers
  2. A fitting addition to our card game.
  3. Nosferatu got nothin' on me.
  4. She's such a loser, always ready to cry!
  5. He taught Ip Man everything he knows.
  6. Move over Baby Shark.
  7. Overeating has never been this healthy!
  8. See Amumu, you do have friends! They're just deep.
  9. I kept telling him there's no need for bookies anymore.
  10. You can smell the overconfidence across all of Noxus.
Your Runeterra Hunt Status