Update: If you're shopping from Europe, I've added a special page that shows items that are available in and will ship from Europe. Shop the European Catalog.

You asked, we delivered! Our initial round of Out of Cards Merch is now available! If you've been wanting to represent the site IRL, you can do so by heading on over to our dedicated Merch Shop.

To kick things off, we've got some clothing (Shirts & Hoodies), Mugs, Stickers, and Phone Cases all with our fantastic logo. We'll be branching out more in the future, including some fun game-specific swag, and will provide updates here on the site when new items become available.

All merch purchased through the shop ships from both the US and EU, depending on where you're located provided the product is properly in stock, so Europeans shouldn't be charged the usual additional international fees (though I can't guarantee that). 

I've been wanting to get this going since earlier this year, but our merch provider wasn't taking on new items for a few months due to issues surrounding the ongoing pandemic. Now that those delays are resolved, and I've received samples that I'm happy with, we've been able to put the merch store up. There are still some minor production delays in certain spots where merch is produced, and shipping might be a bit slower than usual if you happen to be in an area with reduced logistics, but everything will arrive with tracking for that peace of mind.

What are you waiting for? Rep the site with some merch!