Legends of Runeterra's Live Design Lead, Steve Rubin, sent out a tweet this afternoon stating that they agree, Bastion's buffs may have been a mistake.

In case you didn't see the patch notes, here is the card change:

  • Old text: Give an ally Spellshield this round.
  • New text: Grant an ally +1+1 and Spellshield.

Changes being considered include increasing the card's cost to make it fairer to play. We'll likely see the change to Bastion arrive in the next update in 2 weeks in Patch 1.12, so in the meantime, go have fun with the buffs!

Quote From Steve Rubin

2 Week patches + all the future projects I'm working on make it a bit hard for LoR Live Design to keep up. We care immensely about competitive stability, so patch day is incredibly stressful for me. It's possible we made a mistake with Bastion, and we'll work on the proper fix.

Thanks Pedro - and just to be clear a change will probably come next patch in 2 weeks! (Source)

Out of curiosity how large is the balance team, since it sorta seems like mostly you focusing on stuff

In terms of the content, it's just two: myself and another designer (Dave Smith).

For execution we have some amazing partners to make it work, a producer, a QA Lead, Publishing @ASmallMan4, an engineer to review (we do the coding), etc! (Source)

Even if it does end up being overtuned we know you guys will eventually revert/nerf it like it has been done in the past for other cards which is great that you experiment and adjust accordingly

Yup, and we do actually really like this rework as it adds a lot of interesting play to Targon Buff decks which we're in need of some help. It's likely that we'll look to adjust to a fairer cost and see how that settles. (Source)