A Wonderful MTG Winter Wonderland Word Search Activity

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We're continuing the Snowpocalypse celebration this month with fun activities to bring you more snowflake goodness! We continue these activities with an MTG word search!

Completing this activity while logged-in will reward you with a site achievement and 50 Snowflakes. Your progress is not saved if you refresh the page and random generation of the word search means no sharing answers! Good luck!

Looking for past word searches? You can find them under the word search tag.

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    Rating 4.56/5 (9 Votes)
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    • Avalon's Avatar
      Salty Dog 1550 2105 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
      Posted 3 years, 1 month ago

      I don't even play MTG but there's no way I ignore a good word search.

    • Alleria's Avatar
      Eevee 1275 863 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
      Posted 3 years, 1 month ago

      I was so furious it didn´t count DevilPresents, only to check below it was EvilPresents XD


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