Our Halloween celebration, Oozefest, has returned! For the next 4 weeks, we've put together a site event like no other. Read on for all the new details and changes.


Oozefest is back by popular demand and will be running from now through November 14. We've got plenty of content planned that you'll see over the next few weeks and have some new features present during this year's event. A lot of hard work has gone into Oozefest, so be sure to take part while it is available!

Candy Makes a Return

Last Oozefest, our first site currency, Candy, was introduced. It was earned primarily through activity on the site and with it you were able to purchase cosmetics in our site shop. That hasn't changed, although the rewards for simple site travel have been reduced by 75% (down to 5 Candy per day) because we've got new ways to obtain it now.

Introducing Trick or Treating

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!

This year's Oozefest turns Out of Cards into a bustling city with its residents turning their porch lights on to invite trick or treaters to walk on up and get some candy. Through a special event widget on everyone's use profile, a Candy Bucket can be interacted with for your chance at received a Treat - or a Trick!

  • Candy Buckets refill on profiles at the start of each new day.
    • The most active members over the past day will receive double the Candy in their bucket.
  • Through site activity, your bucket will receive some additional Candy.
    • Staying active on the site will give others a chance to obtain Candy from you.
    • Candy in your bucket does not remove Candy from your currency.
  • There is a cap of 20 treat house visits per day.

We've also got a fun feature where a house, or two, will be selected each day to have their lights on permanently. Primarily you'll see staff members here, though community members that have been the most active over the site's history will also have a chance to be chosen. These will be an easy source of Candy every day since they have an endless bucket! You can always find out which houses have their "lights on" over on the Oozefest 2021 Event Page.

Outside of that, you'll need to take a guess at who has Candy in their bucket and hope you don't get tricked.

Oh, yeah, you'll also receive some Candy once enough trick or treaters have visited your house, so keeping yourself visible on the site can help people find your house.

Random Encounters

Halloween night wouldn't be the same without the random encounters. We've introduced just that - some positive and some negative - to make the experience of being active on the site that much more entertaining. These encounters have a small chance to steal your precious Candy, though most of the time they are going to be positive in nature. 

Oh no, what does HE want with us?

The chance of having a random encounter is quite rare, so enjoy them while you can! Simply being active on the site gives you a chance of one popping up.

New Cosmetics

In addition to the old set of 2020 cosmetics making a return, with some at increased prices, we've got a whole new batch of Oozefest 2021 goodies available in the shop.

  • 3 new Avatar Borders
  • 18 new Pins
  • 28 new Profile Titles
  • 16 new Profile Headers

Generally speaking, you'll be able to acquire Titles & Pins for 50 Candy each while Headers are going to set you back 100. If you want one of our new and shiny Avatar Borders though, those will cost you 300 Candy.

Fresh Meat

Word Searches

We've prepared some word search activities for everyone that will be releasing throughout the period of the event. We've also got a new type of activity that will range in difficulty and test your knowledge in a way previously not possible on the site. You can expect our new activity to release during week 2 of the event, alongside a dedicated place to find activities on the site. It's so spooky that we haven't had that before.

Treasure Hunts

As with previous site events, we've also prepared a site-wide scavenger hunt with tons of clues, with new clues releasing every Sunday. New to this even is we're being more upfront about which game a particular clue is for. Clues will primarily be Hearthstone this year, but there will be some clues for the other games we have databases for on the site - Legends of Runeterra, Magic the Gathering, and Mythgard. As always, the comments section on the Oozefest page is a great place to discuss the clues and to help give your fellow community members a helpful hint or two.


We have a few contests that you can participate in during the event that we'll be posting into the news feed. Everyone, regardless of the games they enjoy, should be able to participate and the top 3 entries for each one will be treated to Out of Cards Premium! More details on the contests will be coming out over the coming weeks.

Spooky Fan Competition

We've got a special Hearthstone Card Design Competition coming out next week that will reward everyone who enters with some Candy and have larger spoils for those who dare make it into the finals. What is the them you ask? Well you'll have to wait and see...

I hope everyone has as much fun during the event as we had making it. See you on the other side...