For the past several months, the folks here at Out of Cards have been working diligently behind the scenes to expand the reach of our brand and bring even more coverage to our devoted readers. Today, we're excited to share with you the first new site opening under our umbrella: Out of Carbs!

What is Out of Carbs?

Out of Carbs is a strategy site and social platform dedicated to demystifying nutrition and improving understanding of the food meta. The site is designed from a top-down perspective to allow users to craft and share their own recipes from a library of ingredients, writing guides and sharing strategies in the same way that they might for a Hearthstone deck. Out of Carbs is, quite simply, the future of food.

The easy-to-read functionality of Out of Carbs allows its users to better understand the nutritional value of every ingredient, snack, or meal they eat.


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The main backbone of Out of Carbs is the Ingredients portal. Here, users will navigate a library of foods that are attractively displayed and intuitively organized. All foods have been sorted into their defining food group to make searching for specific ingredients much easier. Each ingredient in our database has also been tagged with their relevant statistics, including:

  • Serving Size - An ingredient's Serving Size is the minimum amount required to be included in a recipe. Due to our desire to reach a wide, international audience with Out of Carbs, all Serving Sizes are measured in grams.
  • Calories - An ingredient's Calories is the amount of Attack that ingredient has per serving size. An aggressive ingredient, like Ground Beef, has a much higher Calorie statistic than Celery.
  • Crafting Cost - The Crafting Cost of the ingredient is the amount of money required to purchase one serving size of it. Like in Hearthstone, certain ingredients are budget-friendly while the more powerful (tasty) ingredients require more of an investment. Because of our need to cater to American readers, Crafting Cost has been calculated in US Cents.


Once you've found the right ingredients, it's time to build your recipe. Recipes are the driving force behind social interactivity on Out of Carbs. All users are able to craft their own diet strategies, then share them with others. Whether it's a top-tier Aggro Cheeseburger or a meta-breaking Fruit Salad, crafting and sharing your recipe is easy.

The user-friendly UI of Out of Carbs makes it a simple proposition to locate the recipe-builder, and from there you're just a few steps away from sharing your best builds. Pick from an organized display of Out of Carbs' curated library of ingredients as you put together your meal masterpiece. As you build it, ask yourself: Does my recipe have a reliable curve? Do the ingredients synergize inherently with each other? Should I be worried about mana screw (cramps)?

Before you publish it, you need to tag your recipe with its Meal Type (is this an Amateur meal, or is it a Professional recipe for only the most seasoned chefs?), Archetype (Vegan, Organic, Dessert, etc.) and Cuisine.

Once you've done that, give your recipe a name and write a guide to help others pilot your recipe and achieve similar success. Then your creation can go out in to the world and you'll be ready to start building another recipe.

Kevin's Famous Chili
A Midrange Meal created by . Last updated 1 year, 10 months ago
20 30.61 30.61 706 1

An example of the next-level cooking strategy available only on Out of Carbs

What's Next for Out of Carbs?

Out of Carbs is a living site designed to regularly update to add new functionality, reflect changes in the meta, and provide its users with a constant stream of fresh information about the world of nutrition. Our current build of the site (Out of Carbs 1.0) is only the beginning. Here are just some of the features we hope to add in the coming months:

  • Allowing users to sync their Collection (refrigerator) with the site to receive personalized crafting costs and recipe recommendations
  • Weekly recaps of Master Chef, including detailed breakdowns of the current meals meta and archetype distribution
  • Up-to-the-minute coverage of all new carb reveals
  • An intuitive online marketplace for the buying and selling of Non-Edible Tokens

We will also be constantly updating our library of ingredients, adjusting crafting costs and calorie counts as balance changes are made.

We're so glad that we can finally share with you, our loyal users, the results of so many hours of work that went into making Out of Carbs, and hope that you will come along with us for what is sure to be a long ride as we create together the future of nutrition.