We've got a new featured location in Marvel Snap and it's Lemuria!

  • Lemuria - No cards are revealed this turn.

Lemuria is a completely new location being added to Marvel Snap, and it comes with some interesting play options. On the turn Lemuria flips, no cards will be revealed. This means that you can hide a combo play for an extra turn, or take advantage of powerful cards with drawbacks. It also has the potential to disrupt powerful early On Reveal effects, like Okoye.

Being a featured location means that Lemuria will show up 40% more frequently for 48 hours, from 8 PM PT Tuesday night to 8 PM PT Thursday night. Build your best deck of cards that want to remain hidden, keeping in mind that it's going to show up in one of the first three turns. This means you can delay the downside of Ebony Maw, or hide a card like Bucky Barnes from your opponent to set up up an early power swing.

Ebony Maw Card ImageYou can’t play this after turn 3. Ongoing: You can’t play cards here. Okoye Card ImageOn Reveal: Give every card in your deck +1 Power.

One you want to delay, one you definitely don't.

What Are Featured Locations in Marvel Snap?

There are two different types of location events in Marvel Snap.

  • Sunday's hot location that appears 60% more frequently for the next 24 hours.
  • Wednesday's featured location that appears 40% more frequently for the next 48 hours.

This helps pave way for new deckbuilding strategies as you may want to be playing something else should the bonus better benefit cards you aren't playing with. For example, we've seen this previously with the featured location, Monster Island, whose boosted appearances meant many players ran Shang-Chi to destroy the 9 Power Monster.

With the Marvel Snap beta, it looks like sometimes we might be seeing older locations being featured, likely due to testing. This isn't the way that it will always work though because as announced in the developer livestream, Marvel Snap will be getting a brand new location every week and it will be featured when it is added, as we're seeing now with Lemuria.

What do you think of Monster Island? Have your own ideas for taking advantage of the featured location? Let us know in the comments below!