Wizards of the Coast has plenty to say on this week's WeeklyMTG which was the kickoff to their 30th anniversary event. Here's everything you need to know from the stream - with a video further below if you want to check it out yourself.

Old Frames at Prerelease Events

Prerelease events are celebrating Magic's history and we'll see the return of some older card frames and cards. One cool aspect of this is one of the cards at each event will be in a different language to celebrate Magic's translations.

Path to the Protour Promotional Cards

Participate in a Path to the Protour event to earn these special cards!

New The Brothers' War Card Spoilers

We can expect more spoilers during Magic 30 events. But to kick things off, here are some of the cards coming in The Brothers' War!


The Brothers' War Important Dates

  • The Brothers' War Story: October 20–26
  • Building Worlds Panel: October 20
  • Debut Video and Previews Begin: October 27
  • The Brothers' War Magic 30 Previews: October 28–30
  • The Brothers' War Previews Continue: October 31–November 4
  • WPN Game Store Prerelease Events: November 11–17
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online Release: November 15
  • The Brothers' War Global Release: November 18
  • WPN Game Store Commander Party Events: December 16–18

Dominaria Remastered

We've received a few details on Dominaria Remastered (DMR) which is releasing on January 13, 2023. Check out some returning cards down below!

Dominaria Remastered Box Art

Dominaria Remastered Release Promo

Dominaria Remastered Card Spoilers


Magic Arena

Digital is just as important and we have a few bits of information about Magic Arena!

  • We're getting a remastered set for Shadows Over Innistrad (SOI), which originally released in 2016. Arrives first half of 2023.
  • The second Explorer Anthology is coming out this year.

Devil K. Nevil in the Upcoming Unset - Unfinity

New Secret Lair! Anniversary Countdown Kit

  • 30 cards, one for each year of Magic.
  • Each card in the product is sealed in its own pack.
  • Only 7 cards are going to be shown off in all their marketing.
  • The full list of cards coming in the drop will be available, but you can keep it a secret if you want.
  • Every card in the drop has a 30% chance of being a foil version.
  • The cost will be $149.99.
  • You can see all the cards on October 24. You can buy them starting November 1 through November 4 - unless they sell out.
  • Unlike other drops, there are only a limited number of these available as they ship immediately.

Here are seven of the cards that are coming in the drop.

30th Anniversary Edition

A new collectible, commemorative, limited-print product is coming that is non-tournament legal - 30th Anniversary Edition!

  • These cost $999 per 4 packs.
  • November 28 availability. They will be available online at 30thedition.wizards.com
  • This is a limited print run product.
  • Each card has a special back featuring Black Lotus, the new Magic logo, and gold borders.
  • New modern takes of Magic's very first cards with their old art. 
30th Anniversary Edition Card Packs
  • Four packs of cards in the package. Each pack has 15 cards.
  • Every card has two versions, one with the modern frame, and other a retro frame.
  • Each pack contains two retro frame cards. One will always be a basic land.
  • Almost all the cards have the same rarity as the cards originally had in beta.
    • Dual Lands will appear twice as often - they know how much players love them.
  • The old plains symbol will be seen on old framed cards.
  • Contract From Below, Darkpact, Demonic Attorney,  Earthbind, Weakness, and Crusade are not going to be in the packs.

Wizards has a gallery of all the cards, you can check that out over here or see a short preview of what was shown on stream down below.




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