As Marvel SNAP has ended its beta phase and opened up the multiverse for all of our existing variants on Tuesday, October 18, it also made sure to bring along a set of special login rewards to celebrate the launch week. As we're approaching the final days of this initial event, there is no better time to join in and try the game out for yourself - or, if you've been playing solely through Steam, to keep your mobile device at hand and remember about accessing the Inbox feature. 

Launch Week Celebration Rewards - Almost As Advertised

If you play largely on mobile, you've probably stared at the featured graphic numerous times: it's rather hard to miss! And we've also made sure to mention this already within our section of special tips for beginners. But as it turned out, not everything was set to be exactly as it appeared. 

So far, Day 4 and 5 had their rewards switched.

Most everyone expecting their Day 4 reward to be the highly desirable 30 boosters for a random character card was in for a surprise when instead only 50 measly credits were found within the inbox. Which - according to MARVEL SNAP's official Discord - was all due to an accidental switch.

The boosters did indeed arrive on Day 5 and - with the way these Launch Celebration reward countdowns seem to operate - should be available until 9 AM Pacific on this very Sunday (12 PM Eastern, 6 PM CET). Past that point we'll be entering the penultimate Day 6, which once again is not very exciting (unless there is another accidental switch). Then the final Day 7 will have the rarest of currencies in store with 50 Gold up for grabs - that's the one you definitely don't want to skip! 

No Mailboxes on PC

The Steam store version of MARVEL SNAP temporarily suffers from being branded as 'Early Access', thus not being the most convenient choice to play the game. Things probably won't be as awkward moving forward (unless there is some form of login reward every week, unlikely as it would seem), but the Inbox feature not being currently available on PC is all kinds of problematic for anyone not fond of having to deal with Android or iOS devices. 

Still, there is no other choice when it comes to collecting these rewards, and there is only so much time to do so (consider it our second warning/reminder of the kind!). In fact, the freebies from the first two days have already expired, and the third package is set to do so before long. At least the promo Hulk/Iron Man variants aren't going anywhere anytime soon - although once again, that's been a privilege reserved for mobile users only (or emulators, if we're being nitpicky). 

Hopefully you didn't forget to claim anything!

There is no exact countdown to follow as you can see: the expiration date will simply just state "Today" - regardless of whether there are 23 hours or only 2 hours remaining. As mentioned above, this switch tends to occur by 9 AM Pacific (12 PM Eastern, 6 PM CET).

If you haven't yet installed the mobile version of Marvel SNAP and so far have only played on PC, it's worth noting the game keeps track of your progress and daily logins across all devices: as long as you correctly set up one main Google Account for it to follow. It might sound simple, and yet this process has already caused certain players some unfortunate grievances.

Still on the Fence? Give It a Try!

If you're still unsure as to whether MARVEL SNAP might be the right game for you, there is really not going to be a better time than today (and/or Day 7) to take the plunge and find out for yourself. Otherwise you might later regret missing out on the opportunity to collect some free boosters and gold when you could've easily done so by just logging in (there is no indication that anything would be counted retroactively). The small amount of credits isn't such a big loss at the end of the day, as you can routinely earn up to 500 of those daily just due to regular missions plus the shop bonus. 

So far the community response and early reviews have been notably positive, and the Second Dinner team with Ben Brode at the helm is certainly very ambitious in their hopes of reaching the actual masses of Marvel fans and turning them into devoted followers. We're not going to ponder the question whether this fast-paced card battler might actually rival the largest of them all that generally likes to take its time (ahem, Hearthstone) this early on, but every card game fan might wish to be keeping an eye on SNAP's ongoing development.

How long and how much have you been snapping on either mobile or PC, or perhaps both? Have you managed to collect all of the free rewards so far? And if you're still hesitating, what would it take for you to give MARVEL SNAP a try?