Riot recently published a short Dev Snapshot video where Game Director Dave Guskin talks about various things related to Legends of Runeterra. In short:

  • They're planning to explore and iterate on things based on player feedback.
    • Rotation - Reworked versions of rotated champions and competitive outlets for Eternal mentioned as examples of given feedback.
    • Gauntlets and Tournaments are also on the iteration list with a Reddit thread to voice your opinions on them.
  • Their long term plan is to create a limited mode where the players can experiment and play with new cards before release.
    • More info will be given next year.
  • The video ended with a reminder about the upcoming World Championship.

Riot has really focused on the player feedback aspect when it comes to Legends of Runeterra, as they also recently published a reddit-post-turned-blog about how to give useful feedback to devs.

Dev Snapshot Video

Watch the dev snapshot video down below.

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