MARVEL SNAP's newest community event, Vibranium Forge, is now live. Play matches to collect Vibranium, then craft items to earn 100 Credits and a Pixel-style Ironheart Avatar.


Wakanda is under attack and we need your help to protect it! Collect Vibranium from the battlefield to forge powerful items that will help us prevail and try to obtain a Pixel-style Ironheart avatar. You can access this Event via the News tab in-game!

Vibranium Forge

To find the Vibranium Forge Event, you first need to go to the News section, then locate and tap on the Vibranium Forge Event banner; you might need to scroll to the bottom of the feed (we did).

If you're playing on PC, you won't have access to the News section (it being an Early Access build and all). You can earn the Vibranium through playing games, but you won't be able to collect it unless you get on your phone.

Once you're in, the game will give you the low-down on what's happening. Basically, you play matches to earn Vibranium, which you claim by opening the Vibranium Forge Event page, then you can use that Vibranium to craft items. Spend 20 Vibranium for a random item, or 40 Vibranium for a specific item.

However, the process is "tedious" (you're telling us), and not every craft attempt will yield an item.

There are no special Daily quests or Missions to give you Vibranium; the only way to earn Vibranium is through playing matches - 1 Vibranium for each match played. However, you can double the amount of Vibranium gained per match (that's 2 Vibranium, for those who are bad at math) by including one of four cards in your deck:

Black Panther Card ImageOn Reveal: Double this card's Power. Okoye Card ImageOn Reveal: Give every card in your deck +1 Power.

Nakia Card ImageOn Reveal: Give all cards in your hand +1 Power. Ironheart Card ImageOn Reveal: Give 3 other cards +2 Power.

Once you have enough Vibranium, you can craft an item. One crafted item will earn you 100 Credits. If you craft all four, you'll get a Pixel-style Ironheart Avatar. All rewards will be delivered to your Inbox within the week following this Event's conclusion.

Now let's address the CGI rhino in the room: not every craft attempt will successfully forge an item. This adds a (some might say unnecessary) level of risk to the Event, where you spend your hard-earned Vibranium and get nothing in return. Well, let's not say nothing: the game will refund 50% of the Vibranium spent on an unsuccessful craft.

Also, considering that crafting a "specific" item costs twice as much as a random one, we assume that random crafts can deliver items you've already crafted, meaning that even a successful random craft might not advance you towards earning the Ironheart Avatar.

Anyway, have fun!

The Vibranium Forge Event will end on November 27 at 8 PM PT (28 November at 3 AM UTC), giving us just over a week to claim Vibranium, craft items, and earn an Ironheart Avatar.