Riot has published the notes for Legends of Runeterra's upcoming patch, and it features some game mode experimentation! You can experience past metas with the upcoming Timewinder Gauntlets that give you a limited card pool to build your decks with. You can read the full notes below.

Quote From Riot

Timewinder Gauntlets

During the months of November, December, and January we are experimenting with Gauntlets by introducing what we’re calling Timewinder Gauntlets.

Matches will be Best-of-3 Pick and Ban Format, using 3 decks with different champions and region combinations. These decks will be built with limited card pools that allow you to go back in time and enjoy the early seasons. During this time, Gauntlets will be available all week long.

  • Foundations
    • This Gauntlet will throw you back to when it all began! You’ll only be able to deck build with cards that are part of Foundations.
    • Nov 24 - Dec 21
  • Rising Tides Gauntlet
    • This gauntlet tosses you back in time, you’ll be able to deck build with cards that were released either before or during Rising Tides.
    • Dec 22 - Jan 4
  • Call of the Mountain
    • This gauntlet lets you relive the climb to Targon's peak and the release of one of our most iconic dragons. You’ll be able to deck build with cards that were released either before or during the Call of the Mountain.
    • Jan 5 - Jan 15
  • Standard
    • This gauntlet will return to the standard format.
    • Jan 16 - Jan 20

During the Timewinder Gauntlets, if you’re able to fight your way to 7 victories before 2 consecutive losses, you will earn a Gold Ranked Icon from the corresponding season.

Your first gauntlet of each week will still earn a Prime Glory for the next Last Chance Gauntlet, so come prepared!


  • The next Seasonal Tournament is set for January 28/29, with the Last Chance Gauntlet on January 21/22.

Dev Snapshot

  • Please make sure to check out our latest Dev Snapshot video!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Spirit Blossom Kindred’s card preview wasn’t displayed when hovering over the card.
  • Fixed an issue in The Path of Champions where Varus’s Blighted Blessing would lose its effect for the round when playing a spell that needed to select a card in hand.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Ornn was not tracking quest completion from the deck.