The full set of cards for March of the Lich King has been revealed a little while ago, and we're nearing the time when they can finally become a part of our collection. Still not sure what to make of Demon Hunter or what kind of decks to play? We've broken down the class archetypes for the upcoming expansion, discussed the new cards, and gathered a variety of theorycraft decks from streamers, pros, and community members to guide you on Day 1.

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Now, onto what's approaching ever closer. Before we jump into a variety of potential decks, here is a quick look at the class in the upcoming expansion: 

March of the Lich King Demon Hunter - Quick Impressions

  • The new Outcast cards are few and far between: They appear to best serve as filler for existing decks.
  • A "No Minion" version of Fel Relic Demon Hunter shows great promise thanks to Souleater's Scythe.
  • The existence of Brutal Annihilan sparks new hopes for Big Demon Hunter's success. 

March of the Lich King Demon Hunter - Expansion Cards & Archetypes

Demon Hunter's identity unfolds in three ways. Mainly, a minion-less approach to deckbuilding is the Class' game changer for this expansion, with various payoff cards accompanying the new archetype. Beyond that, the already solid Aggro Demon Hunter has trouble relinquishing space for any new cards, while a few new control tools might be just what Big Demon Hunter needed.

Outcast Demon Hunter

Fierce Outsider Card ImageWretched Exile Card ImageFelerin, the Forgotten Card ImageVengeful Walloper Card Image

Surprisingly enough, the only actual Outcast card from March of the Lich King is Fierce Outsider. Therefore, the baseline for Outcast effects consists of 9 total cards. That's an important detail to keep in mind, now that Wretched Exile and Felerin, the Forgotten are able to generate from that group of cards. Card generation is a rarity for Demon Hunter, as it seems unnecessary compared to their already strong card draw. It remains to be seen how much of this Outcast package can find its footing.

No Minion Demon Hunter

Mark of Scorn Card ImageSouleater's Scythe Card ImageFel'dorei Warband Card ImageDeal with a Devil Card Image

The requirement of not having any minions in your deck isn't new to Hearthstone in general, but Demon Hunter finds a way to put a different spin on it. Souleater's Scythe allows you to run up to 3 different minions and still assure the benefits from cards like Fel'dorei Warband and Deal with a Devil. The question of which minions to sneak in with your Scythe seems to be more or less solved, as Artificer Xy'mox and Jace Darkweaver from past expansions are perfect buildaround Legendaries that only need spells to function.

Other Demon Hunter Cards

Unleash Fel Card ImageBrutal Annihilan Card Image

To round things out, we got two stray cards. Well, they're not entirely alone, just in the context of the expansion. Unleash Fel manages to be a flexible fit for many lists, since the low cost and relatively early Manathirst activation works out so well. Being part of the Fel Spell School is another positive. In regards to Brutal Annihilan, the pieces of past Big Demon support have to be gathered in order to fully function.

March of the Lich King Demon Hunter - Top Neutral Cards

Astalor Bloodsworn Card ImageLor'themar Theron Card Image

Looking over the upcoming theorycrafts, it's a testament to Demon Hunter's overall solid Class design that most didn't include any Neutral minions. The few prominent ones that did see some love were the two legendaries, Astalor Bloodsworn and Lor'themar Theron. Astalor's flexibility makes it an easy pick for most midrange or slower strategies. It helps fill out the curve while not turning into a bad draw for the lategame. Lor'themar on the other hand has a specific home in Big Demon Hunter. The pair of Illidari Inquisitor and Brutal Annihilan become serious threats after successfully doubling their Attack and Health.

Lich King Demon Hunter - Day 1 Hearthstone Decks to Try

Not sure what to play for the class once it's time to join the March? We've gathered a handful of early deck ideas from all across the Hearthstone tavern just to help you out:

Aggro With a Plan B

Building on the baseline of an aggressive Demon Hunter core, Edelweiss theorycrafted a list worthy of fitting every new Outcast synergy. Filled to the brim with cheap damage and efficient minions, while relying on Wretched Exile to keep up the momentum in the later parts of the game. 

The New Normal?

It's just about as condensed as it gets for a three-way archetype amalgamation. Fels and Relics were already two archetypes that, while not actively enhancing each other, were nonetheless a fine pairing. RidiculousHat took that to the next level, as the shell of No Minion cards gives the finishing touch for a deck full of potential power plays. It definitely helps that the trio of Jace, Xy'mox, and S'theno are the only essential minions, just enough for Souleater's Scythe to consume!

Full on Fel

Kranich went with a more grounded approach, running a split of Fel and No Minion cards, and dropping the Relic package. The extra space can thus slot in early game tools like Dreadprison Glaive and Multi-Strike, alongside some midgame filler in the form of Flanking Maneuver and Metamorphosis.

Everything All at Once

In case you thought there's no way to fit another archetype in, Thijs is here to prove you wrong. The Scythe swallows some heavy-hitting minions in this version, of which Xhilag of the Abyss and Illidari Inquisitor are used as a Big Demon engine. What the deck loses out on for not running Xy'mox, it makes up by casting All Fel Breaks Loose, which is another Fel spell for Jace.


Abandoning the concept of any early game, TheHousewife's theorycrafted Demon Hunter is living by the "go big or go home" motto. Lor'themar Theron in particular enables huge stats on your deck-dwelling Demons, which you'll want to cheat out via Sigil of Reckoning or Raging Felscreamer. Interestingly enough, Souleater's Scythe doesn't circumvent any deckbuilding restriction, but is still ran for a boost in consistency.

More Class Coverage for March of the Lich King

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What do you think of Demon Hunter's card package for the upcoming expansion? Which decks are you going to take for a spin once March of the Lich King goes live on December 6? Is there something else from your favorite content creator that we didn't include here? Let us know in the comments!