Blizzard has revealed the details of the upcoming Rewards Track for March of the Lich King (replacing the current one next week, on December 6), and it's your usual expanded package deal - new Diamond and now also Signature cards, cosmetic Coins, Tavern Pass perks, Hero skins, and more! There is also one Uncraftable Legendary card being instantly claimable that's the same for everyone, with renowned Lor'themar Theron taking on the mantle; while time-tinkerer Chromie is set to become our newest free Mercenary recruit. 

Remember, this also means the end of XP gains for the current set of Castle Nathria achievements (don't forget about our guides if you still wish to accumulate some more gold before the time's up and tend to avoid patching your game clients instantly): 

Quote From Blizzard
It’s almost the end of the current Rewards Track and time for another to be risen in its place! When the Rewards Track refreshes with the March of the Lich King launch, all players will automatically be granted any unclaimed rewards from both the free Rewards Track and the Tavern Pass track (if purchased), and a completely new March of the Lich King Rewards Track of unlockable treasure will take its place.

Murder at Castle Nathria Achievements will stop awarding XP with the launch of Patch 25.0, whereas the Rewards Track will swap over with the launch of March of the Lich King on December 6.

As for what else it has in store for us:

March of the Lich King Tavern Pass

The contents of the Tavern Pass are slightly different this time around, as it's no longer concerned with including any cosmetic options for Hearthstone Battlegrounds (what with that game mode having its own seasonal Rewards Track now). Instead, every class gets its own Ranked Hero skin! Something Constructed Hearthstone fans might be fond of. Remember, this is a paid upgrade to the base Rewards Track.

Deathkeeper Alleria Card Image Runemage Khadgar Card Image Scourgeslayer Vashj Card Image Fallen Yrel Card Image

Darion Mograine Card Image Aranna the Runeseeker Card Image Hamuul Runeblade Card Image Ebon Assassin Garona Card Image

Annhylde, Deathcaller Card Image Dreadsteed Tamsin Card Image Redeemer Tyrande Card Image

And with the Improved Redundant Card Handling feature present, we will no longer have to worry about those pesky Golden Uncraftables getting in the way if their base versions are found too soon via opening any of the expansion packs. No more headaches when it comes to figuring out the correct order for accumulating cards, or worrying about missing out on the short dust refund windows, either.

Speaking of Golden Uncraftables, the extra Epic offerings reserved for the Tavern Pass holders (something that was first introduced with the Castle Nathria Rewards Track, although at the cost of some cosmetic skins) will consist of two Enchanter copies. Claimable at levels 20 and 25, respectively, so they can be found very early on the path - only takes a handful of quests, some of which could be saved in advance. Notice how there is also a featured Uncraftable Golden Lor'themar Theron - this is being done mainly to prevent the issues with pulling a disenchantable Golden copy from the packs and only then claiming the Uncraftable base one from the free Rewards Track. As such, any need for the initial short refund window should be eliminated.

Expect a steady dose of Diamond and Signature cards to be featured as well. We've even known about some of them in advance!

Enchanter Card Image Lady Deathwhisper Signature Card Image Lord Marrowgar Signature Card Image

Quote From Blizzard
With the launch of March of the Lich King, a new Tavern Pass will be made available for purchase, offering an infusion of brand-new cosmetic rewards and XP boosts.

Purchasing the Tavern Pass at any point during the expansion will immediately give you a 10% XP Boost that lasts the rest of the duration of the expansion, plus all other items up to your current level on the paid track. As you progress along the Tavern Pass during the March of the Lich King expansion, you can earn additional XP Boosts, the Diamond Grand Magister Rommath Diamond card, a Golden The Sunwell Legendary spell, the Golden Lor’themar Theron Legendary minion, the Signature Lady Deathwhisper Legendary minion, the Signature Lord Marrowgar Legendary minion, two Golden Enchanter Epic minions, a new cosmetic coin and card back, a hero skin for each class, and three Chromie Mercenaries Portraits.*

* These Golden The Sunwell, Lor’themar Theron, and Enchanter cards can’t be crafted or disenchanted. Diamond and Signature cards also can’t be crafted or disenchanted. 


March of the Lich King Diamond Cards

Two new expansion cards are once again getting the Diamond treatment with March of the Lich King:

  • Grand Magister Rommath - Obtained by purchasing the Tavern Pass and reaching level 2 on the Rewards Track.
  • Blood Matriarch Liadrin - Obtained by completing the March of the Lich King Legendary Collector Achievement (owning 25 Legendaries from the expansion).

Additionally, Diamond Blood Matriarch Liadrin will become easier to earn once the 38-Card Mini-Set drops in the coming months.

But wait, we did mention previously there would be whole 5 of them featured with this expansion. Well, it looks like all the rest will be separate purchases: 

Quote From Blizzard
Three more Diamond cards will be available for purchase during this expansion period: Lor'themar Theron, Deathbringer Saurfang, and Lady Deathwhisper. Keep an eye on the shop for more details about those offerings.

March of the Lich King Coins

Two coins to raise the dead with:

  • Silvermoon Coin - Earned by completing 90 levels of the Rewards Track. (Requires paid Tavern Pass)
  • Scourge Coin - Earned by collecting 145 unique March of the Lich King cards.

Additionally, the Scourge coin will become easier to earn once the 38-Card Mini-Set drops in the coming months.

Quote From Blizzard
March of the Lich King will have a 38-card Mini-Set that will make it easier to reach both the Legendary Collector Achievement and the Lich King’s Wrath Achievement. We’ll have more information to share about the March of the Lich King Mini-Set in the coming months.

A slightly larger Mini-Set, courtesy of the new Death Knigh class. 

March of the Lich King Rewards Track 

On the free Rewards Track, it's business as usual. Some packs, some Tavern Tickets, lots of gold, and a handful of Uncraftable Golden cards. The two Epic copies will feature Plaguespreader at levels 65 and 75, respectively. To remind everyone once again, the Improved Redundant Card Handling option means we will no longer have to feel terrible about pulling their normal disenchantable versions early from the expansion packs. This might be one of the biggest reliefs in this particular instance.

Plaguespreader Card Image Banshee Card Image Translocation Instructor Card Image

Quote From Blizzard

The free Rewards Track for March of the Lich King will include packs from March of the Lich King, Standard packs, a random Epic card, two random Legendary cards, a Chromie Epic Mercenary, a new card back, and a lot of Gold! There are also 14 Golden cards and the Lor’themar Theron Legendary card from the set!* For finishing the Rewards Track, you get to choose from one of 10 returning Hero Skins.

* These 14 Golden cards (two copies each of seven cards from the set) and the Lor’themar Theron Legendary card earned from the Rewards Track are not craftable and can’t be disenchanted. 


LevelXP To LevelCumulative XPFree TrackTavern Pass
100Lor’themar Theron (Uncraftable Legendary), Chromie Epic Mercenary10% XP Boost
210010050 GoldGrand Magister Rommath Diamond Card
3100200March of the Lich King PackChromie Mercenary Portrait
41503502 x Arms Dealer (Golden Uncraftable Common)Card Back - Darion Mograine
5150500March of the Lich King PackRanked Skin - Deathkeeper Alleria (Hunter)
62257252 x Scourge Rager (Golden Uncraftable Common) 
722595050 Gold 
830012502 x Foul Egg (Golden Uncraftable Common) 
93001550March of the Lich King Pack 
103251875Random Epic CardGolden Epic (Uncraftable) - Enchanter
11325220050 Gold 
12350255050 Gold 
133502900Translocation Instructor (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
14375327550 Gold 
153753650Card Back - Death KnightRanked Skin - Runemage Khadgar (Mage)
16400405050 Gold 
17400445050 Gold 
184254875Standard Pack 
19425530050 Gold 
204505750Random Legendary Card15% XP Boost
21450620050 Gold 
22550675050 Gold 
236007350Banshee (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
24650800050 Gold 
256758675Standard PackEnchanter - (Golden Uncraftable Epic)
26675935050 Gold 
278751022550 Gold 
2887511100Coroner (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
2910001210050 Gold 
30110013200Tavern TicketChromie Mercenary Portrait (Golden Merc Skin)
3112001440050 Gold 
3212001560050 Gold 
33125016850Translocation Instructor (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
3412501810050 Gold 
35130019400Standard PackRanked Skin - Scourgeslayer Vashj (Shaman)
3613002070050 Gold 
3713502205050 Gold 
38135023400Banshee (Golden Uncraftable Rare)  
3914002480050 Gold 
40140026200Standard PackGolden Legendary (Uncraftable) - The Sunwell
4114502765050 Gold 
4214502910050 Gold 
43150030600Coroner (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
4415003210050 Gold 
45155033650Tavern TicketRanked Skin - Fallen Yrel (Paladin)
4615503520050 Gold 
4716003680050 Gold 
48160038400Standard Pack 
49165040050Tavern Ticket 
50165041700Random Legendary CardRanked Skin - Darion Mograine (Death Knight)
51170043,40075 Gold 
52170045,10075 Gold 
53175046,85075 Gold 
54175048,60075 Gold 
55180050,400Standard PackGolden Legendary (Uncraftable) - Lor'themar Theron
56180052,20075 Gold 
57185054,05075 Gold 
58185055,90075 Gold 
59190057,80075 Gold 
60190059,700Standard PackRanked Skin - Aranna the Runeseeker (Demon Hunter)
61195061,65075 Gold 
62195063,60075 Gold 
63200065,60075 Gold 
64200067,60075 Gold 
65205069,650Golden Epic (Uncraftable) - PlaguespreaderRanked Skin - Hamuul Runeblade (Druid)
66205071,70075 Gold 
67212573,82575 Gold 
68212575,95075 Gold 
69225078,20075 Gold 
70225080,450Standard Pack20% XP Boost
71237582,82575 Gold 
72237585,20075 Gold 
73250087,70075 Gold 
74250090,20075 Gold 
75250092,700Golden Epic (Uncraftable) - PlaguespreaderChromie Mercenary Portrait (Golden Merc Skin)
76250095,200100 Gold 
77250097,700100 Gold 
782500100,200100 Gold 
792500102,700100 Gold 
802500105,200100 GoldSignature Legendary Card - Lady Deathwhisper
812500107,700100 Gold 
822500110,200100 Gold 
832500112,700100 Gold 
842500115,200100 Gold 
852500117,700100 GoldRanked Skin - Ebon Assassin Garona (Rogue)
862500120,200100 Gold 
872500122,700100 Gold 
882500125,200100 Gold 
892500127,700100 Gold 
902500130,200150 GoldSilvermoon Cosmetic Coin
912500132,700150 Gold 
922500135,200150 Gold 
932500137,700150 Gold 
942500140,200150 Gold 
952500142,700150 GoldSignature Legendary Card - Lord Marrowgar
962500145,200150 Gold 
972500147,700150 Gold 
982500150,200150 Gold 
992500152,700150 Gold 
1002500155,200Hero Skin ChoiceAnnhylde Deathcaller (Warrior), 
Dreadsteed Tamsin (Warlock), Redeemer Tyrande (Priest) Hero Skins
101-1301325-1475[…]50 Gold 
131-4001500602,20050 Gold 

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