Wizards of the Coast has issued a statement regarding the country card sleeves and that they will no longer be available to players. Here's what you need to know:

  • If you have country card sleeves, you can still use them but opponents will not see them.
  • Country card sleeves will no longer be made available for purchase or through events.
  • Any players with country card sleeves will receive 300 Gems on or shortly after December 13, 2022.
    • Players will get these gems and they will still keep the sleeves.

These sleeves were originally made available through a streaming promotion or have been found on sale for 300 Gems (or 1500 Gold) in the store. If you were someone that purchased these for Gold, or received them through a code for free, you'll still be getting a refund of 300 Gems, which is great value.

Quote From Wizards of the Coast

Several years ago, as part of a limited-time promotion, players were able to obtain card sleeves depicting certain country-specific flags for use in MTG Arena. We feel that this has impacted some players' ability to enjoy the game. As such, we will soon be restricting how the country-specific cards sleeves appear in game:

  • Players who previously acquired these sleeves will still see them in their collection and may still apply them to decks.
  • During matches, only the player who has these card sleeves applied will see them on their deck; it will appear as the default card back to opponents.
  • Players will receive 300 gems per flag card sleeve in their collection when this change goes live, regardless of how they originally obtained the sleeve(s).

Furthermore, we currently have no plans to make these sleeves available again in game or through regional promotions. This change will go into effect as part of our December 13 game update, with the gem reimbursement happening shortly thereafter.