Shanna the She-Devil is the newest card coming to Series 5 of MARVEL SNAP on January 17. In honor of this occasion, we've broken down her comics history, looked at the card's best potential synergies, and theorycrafted some decks that feature Shanna.

Five Best Synergies for Shanna the She-Devil

Shanna the She-Devil Card ImageOn Reveal: Add a random 1-Cost card to each location.

Shanna the She-Devil is a token-generating 4-Drop who can create extra tempo and removal in the form of the 1-Drops she spawns to all three locations. While not necessarily unique (there are several other cards that spawn bodies) Shanna stands out because her effect is, in a word, random. The player has no control over which 1-Drop she summons or where, and they might have to adapt their plans if they end up with, say, Ebony Maw.

While we can't necessarily predict the exact outcome of Shanna's summons, we can theorize five cards that should have effective synergies with the new card.


Valkyrie Card ImageOn Reveal: Set ALL cards at this location to 3 Power.

Valkyrie should play fairly well with those 1-Drops that Shanna summons. Since most 1-Cost cards have less than 3 Power, she can serve as a nice buffer (and drag down the opponent's large cards simultaneously).


Mojo Card ImageOngoing: If both players have 4 cards at this location, +6 Power.

Mojo synergizes greatly with the board swarm of Shanna, benefitting from the number of cards she spawns to a location while keeping your options open about which location to commit to and hiding that information from the opponent so they don't know which location to avoid.

Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel Card ImageOngoing: Your other cards have +1 Power.

Blue Marvel is Shanna's second favorite source of an AoE buff, boosting the Power of those 1-Drops (and Shanna) the old-fashioned way.


Killmonger Card ImageOn Reveal: Destroy ALL 1-Cost cards.

Weirdly enough, Killmonger could be a legitimate partner for Shanna, showing up in Destroy decks that want to discount Death but won't mind the extra value they get from the random 1-Drops Shanna summons.


Ka-Zar Card ImageOngoing: Your 1-Cost Cards have +1 Power.

Surprising no one, the best synergy for Shanna the She-Devil is her husband, Ka-Zar, whose AoE buffs the Power of those 1-Drops she brings with her.

Theorycrafting Shanna the She-Devil

To go with our synergy picks, we've theorycrafted three decks that could do powerful things with Shanna the She-Devil. As always, this comes with a caveat: as a Series 5 card, Shanna is going to be a very, very rare drop from Collector's Reserves and, unless you're ready to drop 6000 Collector's Tokens on an unproven card, she's unlikely to become a part of your (or our) collection any time soon. That being said, let's look at these decks.

Zabu Zoo

As a 4-Drop, Shanna the She-Devil should have at least an argument for inclusion in a deck with the Season Pass card, Zabu. We've brewed a deck that brings the whole family together: Zabu, Shanna, and Ka-Zar for a Zoo spectacular that has space for a little Zero side project with Lizard and Typhoid Mary, as well as the evergreen combo of Dracula and The Infinaut.

Shanna Zabu Zoo Theorycraft (Pool 5)
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Death and Wave are a fairly potent duo on their own, but what Shanna the She-Devil brings to the deck can be summed up in one word: redundancy. The extra 1-Drops can help you fight for multiple locations in the mid-game, or you can turn them into fodder for Killmonger to further reduce the cost of Death.

Shanna DeathWave Theorycraft (Pool 5)
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Valkyrie Swarm

Lastly, we have a pseudo-Zoo deck that uses Valkyrie to bump up the base Power of some of our smaller cards at a location, including one of the 1-Drops summoned by Shanna the She-Devil (or Shanna herself).

Shanna Valkyrie Theorycraft (Pool 5)
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Who is Shanna the She-Devil?

Shanna O'Hara, the daughter of diamond mine tycoon Gerald O'Hara, grew up in the jungles of Zaire, where she developed a bond with wild animals. After her father accidentally shot and killed her mother, Shanna left Africa and traveled to America, where she studied to become a veterinarian. After graduating, she worked in a zoo until her disgust at their treatment of animals led her to flee back to Africa with two leopard cubs, Ina and Biri. As their foster mother, she became accustomed to wearing a leopard pelt to develop a familial bond between her and the cubs. Protecting her home at the Dahomey Reserve from poachers, she adopted the name Shanna the She-Devil.

After the Mandrill kidnapped her father, Shanna searched for him until she herself was abducted by Malgato, who took her to the Savage Land - where she was rescued by Kevin Plunder, a.k.a. Ka-Zar. Although unable to save her father, Shanna helped Daredevil and Black Widow stop the Mandrill from conquering the USA.

After this, Shanna made frequent trips to the Savage Land, until she learned that her cubs, Ina and Biri, were killed by Raga-Shah. After feeding Raga-Shah to her pet python, Shanna decided to make the Savage Land her permanent home and began a long romance with Ka-Zar. The pair would eventually marry and have a son, Matthew Plunder.

Together with her husband and family, Shanna protects her new home in the Savage Land from pollution, alien invasions, and all other outside threats.

How do you feel about Shanna the She-Devil? Share your thoughts on the new card in the comments!