Need a good MARVEL SNAP deck to climb to Infinite, or just looking for something fresh and unique to take out for a spin? We've gathered 8 decks from around the SNAP community that can help you win games, have fun, and climb those ranks.

If you're looking for strategic help, we've included our *personal* recommendations for when its OK to Snap early with each deck - your mileage may vary.

Tian Ding's Zabu Dino

This deck from Second Dinner's own Tian Ding plays plenty of 4-Drops to discount with Zabu, using Moon Girl and White Queen to feed Devil Dinosaur.

Early Snap If: You've got Zabu on 3, with either Jubilee or Moon Girl in hand.

Zezè's Nearly Infinite Agatha

Beloved of memers everywhere, Agatha Harkness has some legs when climbing the ranks, as we can see in this deck that very nearly got Zezè to Infinite. The deck has two 3-Drops that can get Agatha out of your hand: Lady Sif will discard her (so you can bring her back with Ghost Rider) and Wave will reduce her Cost, causing Agatha to drop herself onto the board.

Early Snap If: You have Lady Sif and Ghost Rider, or Wave and Taskmaster.

Zezè's Big Agatha (Pool 3)
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Bynx's Furyous Dinos

If you're looking for something to do with the Signature Nick Fury Variant you got for Christmas, then Bynx has a list for you. This Devil Dinosaur deck uses Nick's On Reveal to get extra cards into hand for the Dino (and also boosts the Power of The Collector). And guess what, you can even copy the Dino's Ongoing with Mystique, if you want.

Snap Early If: You have an early Quinjet and the resources to abuse it, or if you have Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur ready to go on turn 4.

Bynx's Furyous Dino (Pool 3)
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KM Best's Dino Control

Devil Dinosaur appears to be the flavor of the week, because we've got another Dino deck for you, this one from KM Best. This deck gets much more controlling, using everyone's favorites Iceman and Scorpion to tighten the vise, then closing the game out with either a Dino or Aero and Leader.

Early Snap If: You have Leader and the tools to keep your opponent from running away with the game.

KM Best's Dino Control (Pool 3)
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JHugs's Respect Ronan

On the other end of the Dino spectrum is Ronan the Accuser, who only gets bigger the more cards your opponent has in hand. This Ronan deck from JHugs maximizes (or is that Maximuses?) Ronan's power by drawing the opponent cards, then denying them the ability to play more than one a turn with Sandman. The deck's late game will change the arithmetic in each location with Captain Marvel and Magneto.

Early Snap If: You have Sandman and Ronan the Accuser - extra bonus if you have Maximus to curve into them.

JHugs's Ronan Control (Pool 3)
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NovaBoy's Sera Surfer

This Silver Surfer deck that got NovaBoy to Infinite this season is worth a look, differing somewhat from the Sera Surfer decks that we've seen before. This deck runs both Rhino and Storm to rid itself of annoying locations, and brings in new tech in the form of Ironheart (not just for Mister Negative decks!) and Groot for more Power - just in case you can't find the Surfer. And remember: you'll always draw Domino on turn 2.

Early Snap If: You have Brood and Silver Surfer, or if you can play Sera on turn 5.

NovaBoy's Domino Surfer (Pool 3)
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Zabula Zoo

If you're wondering what we've been playing this week (Narrator: No one was wondering that), it's this Zoo deck that runs Zabu to help clear out our hand and ensure that Dracula discards The Infinaut at the end of the game. Our favorite newer inclusion to the deck is Rescue, a 4-Drop that synergizes nicely with all those cheap cards we can weave into our later turns.

Early Snap If: You have Zabu on 3 with The Infinaut in hand.

Zabula Zoo (Pool 3)
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Maverick's Mighty Wind

Our final deck in this showcase is an expensive one, requiring cards from Series 4 and Series 5. However, if you have those cards (She-Hulk and Shuri), consider taking Maverick's list for a spin. This deck has everything: Zabu for a Shuri/Wong turn 4, Arnim Zola to spread a big threat across multiple lanes, a bald red Nazi...

Early Snap If: You have the aforementioned Zabu into Shuri/Wong, or if you have Shuri and Taskmaster with one of Red Skull or She-Hulk.

Maverick's Shuri Zola (Pool 5)
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