MARVEL SNAP is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a week of Log-In Rewards and a new in-shop bundle featuring a Variant of Jubilee!

Happy New Year!


Celebrate Lunar New Year with us and get FREE rewards, starting with a special Sword Master variant!

From today until January 28, players can open MARVEL SNAP each day and get some cool log-in rewards. The day 1 log-in rewards, which you can claim right now, are an exclusive Variant of Sword Master and a festive title.

These log-in rewards look like they're only going to last a week, so make sure you get to your Inbox and claim them before they disappear! PC players will have to get on mobile to claim their rewards (or use a mobile emulator), since the Early Access PC build of MARVEL SNAP does not have access to the Inbox.

Festival Fireworks Bundle

There's a new bundle in the Shop as well, celebrating the Lunar New Year with a Lunar New Year Variant of Jubilee and an assortment of in-game currencies, all for $4.99 USD (or currency equivalent).

$4.99 USD usually buys 300 Gold in the in-game Shop, so if you want to spend money in MARVEL SNAP, this deal is worth it for the extra Gold alone.

Which Lunar New Year Variant is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!