MARVEL SNAP's Hot Location this weekend is Project Pegasus!

The instant ramp of Project Pegasus opens up the opportunity for an early game Power spike, whether it comes from a turn 1 The Infinaut, or a pair of 4-Drops on turn 3. It's a good idea to run an extra couple of beefy bodies, and it might also pay to play Morph and cheaply copy one of your opponent's expensive cards.

However you choose to plan for the Hot Location, you'd better get used to it; being a Hot Location means thatProject Pegasus will have a 50% chance to appear for 24 hours, from 8 PM PT Saturday night to 8 PM PT Sunday night (2 AM UTC Sunday to 2 AM UTC Monday).

Hot Decks for Project Pegasus

If you're looking for ideas of what decks you can play to the Hot Location, we've got you covered: with recommended decks for players just starting out in Series 1, players still moving up through Series 2, and players who are starting to fill their collections with cards from Series 3, 4, and 5.

Series 1 Dino Hulk

Our budget recommendation for this week is a Series 1 deck packed with big things to play when Project Pegasus appears, like Hulk, while maintaining a decent enough curve into a final turn Odin. It's even got Doctor Strange to relocate a big body late in the game.

Dino Project Pegasus (Pool 1)
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Series 2 Big Infinaut

In Series 2, you can play around with cheesing out The Infinaut if Project Pegasus shows up on turn 1, while the rest of the deck is a lineup of perfectly serviceable cards that provide an extra amount of Power for their Cost.

Big Project Pegasus (Pool 2)
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Series 3 SheNaut

Once again we're looking at The Infinaut in this Series 3 deck that can always pivot to using Magik to gain an extra turn on which you can play The Infinaut and She-Hulk if the Hot Location didn't appear.

Infinaut Control (Pool 3)
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Series 3 Agatha

The tricky thing with Project Pegasus is guaranteeing that you have something big in hand to play when it shows up. Enter Agatha Harkness, who always shows up in your opening hand and will not hesitate to put her own 14 Power on the board if she has the Energy with which to do it.

Project Agatha (Pool 3)
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Series 3 Nimrod Destroy

Our final recommendation is a destroy deck running the Season Pass card, Nimrod, which plans to use the extra Energy from Project Pegasus to get the 5-Drop out early so it can chain its destroy effects and start propagating his Power across the board.

Project Nimrod (Pool 3)
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What are Hot Locations in MARVEL SNAP?

There are two different types of location events in MARVEL SNAP, both of which have a 50% chance of appearing for the next 24 hours.

  • Sunday's Hot Location that always pulls from existing locations.
  • Wednesday's Featured Location that usually shows off new locations, but will pull from the pool of existing locations from time to time.

The increased appearance rate for the Hot Location will shake up the meta for a day - for example, Odin was the finisher of choice for many players when Kamar-Taj was the Hot Location.

Have your own strategy for capitalizing on the Project Pegasus Hot Location? Make your deck using our MARVEL SNAP deckbuilder, then share it in the comments!