MARVEL SNAP is getting a chance in the spotlight, with a Twitch Rivals tournament (Presented by Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra) coming on May 31, at 5 PM EDT. The tournament will pit 12 streamers - divided into teams of two - against one another for a shot at glory and the lion's share of a $10,000 dollar prize pool.

Quote From Twitch Rivals

Dominate the Multiverse one deck at a time! The Streamers will assemble their best teams in Twitch Rivals: @MARVELSNAP presented by @SamsungMobileUS! 💥

Watch them unleash the excitement on Wednesday, May 31st at 2pm PT:

Event Details

Everything we know comes from the official Twitch Rivals site.

Quote From Twitch Rivals

  • Participants: 12 players
  • 6 Teams consisting of 2 Players each
  • All Teams compete against every other Team in Round Robin format -> Top 2 Finals

The Streamers

  • nl_Kripp
  • Sajam
  • Shadybunny
  • ninaisnoob
  • JimDavisMTG
  • TomMartell
  • JeffHoogland
  • bmkibler
  • Hotashi
  • Dekkster
  • nicholena
  • DeraJN

The field appears to be a mix of prominent SNAP streamers and established card game veterans, so the competition should be fierce. Information about team composition is yet to be released.

Tournament Format

Twitch Rivals will use MARVEL SNAP's Friendly Battle Mode: each player brings one deck and starts the match with 10 Health - the winner is the one who reduces their opponent's Health to 0.

Quote From Twitch Rivals

Round Robin

  • Five (5) Rounds
  • Each Round will feature a unique Deck Building Requirement
  • During each Round of the Round Robin, each Team will compete against one other Team in one (1) Match (1 Match = 2 Games)
    • Both Games of a Match are played simultaneously
      • Game 1: Team 1 Captain vs Team 2 Captain
      • Game 2: Team 1 Teammate vs Team 2 Teammate
  • The Match Winner is determined by the total cubes/health remaining upon the conclusion of both Games.
  • Teams will be awarded points based on their Match result:
    • Win = +3 Points
    • Loss = +0 Points
    • Draw = +1 Point
  • Upon the conclusion of the Round Robin, the two (2) Teams with the most Points will compete against each other in the Grand Finals.


  • In the event of a tie between two (2) or more Teams in total Points at the point of advancing to the Grand Finals, the tie will be broken by:
    • Result of the Match between the tied Teams
    • Total cubes/health remaining during all Matches in the Round Robin
    • One (1) Tiebreaker Game between players of each team’s choice on the tied Teams with no Deck Building Requirements

Grand Finals

  • In the Grand Finals, the top 2 Teams will compete in a Best-of-3 Games. Games 1 and 2 are played simultaneously (unless time allows for Games to be played separately). There are no Deck Building Requirements for the Grand Finals.
    • Game 1: Captain vs. Captain
    • Game 2: Teammate vs. Teammate
    • Game 3 (if applicable; deck changes allowed): Team’s Choice vs. Team’s Choice
  • Winner will be determined based on:
    • Games won outright; remaining health/cubes does not matter

Deck Building Requirements (Round Robin only)

  • Deck Building Requirements will be announced ten (10) minutes prior to the start of each Round.
  • Once the requirements are announced, Teams will use those 10 minutes to build their decks; teammates do not need to build identical decks.
  • Decks must be presented before or as soon as the timer ends to ensure the validity of the deck
    • In the event that a deck does not meet the Deck Building Requirements, a penalty is enforced:
      • The player must fix their deck to meet the Deck Building Requirements, then reveal their deck to their opponent before the Game begins.

Prize Pool

Quote From Twitch Rivals

Total Prizing: $10,000

Round Robin Prizing (5 Rounds x 3 Matches per Round = 15 Matches) ($4,500 Total)

RR Match Result Prizing (per Team) Prizing (per Player)
RR Match Win $200 $100
RR Match Loss $100 $50
RR Match Draw $150 $75

Final Placement Prizing ($5,500 Total)

Final Placement Prizing (per Team) Prizing (per Player)
1st $2,000 $1,000
2nd $1,100 $550
3rd - 6th $600 $300

Are you excited to cheer on any of these streamers? Is there a streamer you wish had been invited to participate? Share your thoughts in the comments!