The Starfield Direct has concluded. Here is everything we learned about Starfield! Starfield is releasing on September 6, 2023.

If you missed the Xbox Showcase, we've got a recap for that.

Live Updates

  • Starfield releases on September 6, 2023.
  • It took a long time to have to technology to create a game of this scale.
  • The galaxy around you is fully simulated.
  • The worlds are lit based on the type of star and atmosphere of the planet that you are in.
  • Third-person and First-person are both available.
  • The scale of the game is so big, it changes the way you explore planets.
  • They have packed details into every single object. Never a dull moment.
  • Your assistant robot can say your name.
  • Fast travel is available for places you have already been.
  • The map tells you details such as what planets have on them.
  • You can jump to other systems via the map.
  • Upgrading your ship will be required to get farther into space.
  • Your ship will be scanned when you're arriving into a city to make sure you don't have any contraband.
  • New Atlantis is a city within the Alpha Centauri System.
    • The biggest city they have ever made.
    • Crowds! Quests!
    • A big focus is to support the story through as many small stories as possible.
    • They want the space to feel real, with characters that are living their own lives.
    • This is where your adventure begins with constellation.
    • They want to preserve the legacy of humanity.
  • Constellation is a mythical crew. The last true explorers in the galaxy.
  • Settled systems are all home to their own stories and adventures to uncover.
  • Cydonia is a city on Mars which serves as the largest mining facility for the United Colonies.
  • There are more colonies than just the UC.
  • Akila City is the capital of the Freestar Collective.
  • You can hire a crew to take care of your ship.
  • Space Ports let you hire a crew, modify, and buy, and sell ships.
  • You can customize almost every aspect of your ship.
  • Paint jobs can be customized with any color or shade.
  • Changing parts also changes what you can do inside of your ship.
  • There are multiple manufacturers of ship parts that all have their own looks.
  • Members of constellation can serve as a member of your crew.
  • Each companion has their own skills and questlines.
  • You can blossom friendships into romance.
  • Outposts can also be crewed, with their individual perks changing how they operate.
  • They want you to feel in complete control of your spaceflights, including during combat.
  • You need to balance how fast your ship is moving with engine power, but grav drive power will shorten the time to make a jump.
  • Weapons power makes you ready for a fight.
  • Loot remains of ships and turn their remains into scraps.
    • You can loot a ship from your ship, but you can also jump on board and fight to loot as well.
  • Taking control of an enemy ship makes it yours. 
  • You can access all your ships at a space port.
  • Trade, swap info, or become a pirate with other ships that you come across.
  • You can steal sandwiches.
  • Scan planets to find out which resources they have available.
  • Constellation Edition is the big collector's edition and it comes with a watch.
  • The base game will be available through Game Pass (and a normal purchase).
  • Up to 5 days early access will be available through the Digital Premium Edition and Constellation Edition.
  • Both the Premium and Constellation editions include the Shattered Space Expansion.

Building Characters

  • They scanned real faces and combined the data to create very realistic looking faces.
  • Any character you see in the game is a character you could create yourself using the character creator.
  • You can change customizations later on using a biometric customizer.
  • Your chosen background gives you 3 different skills.
  • You can pick up to 3 traits, completely optional, which give you both positives and negatives.

Leveling & Skills

  • When you level, you will earn a new skill point.
  • You can further level up your skills by increasing their ranks by completing challenges.
  • Challenges get harder as you rank up your skills.
  • There are five skill trees and 4 ranks per skill.


  • There are over 1000 different worlds to explore.
    • You can even visit the moons of planets.
  • Full star systems include new types of life, resources, and adventures.
  • They wanted to strike a balance of realism and fun to make the world feel believable.
  • Once they made the worlds real, they found ways to make them fun.
  • Asteroid fields are found between planets.
  • Explore derelict ships.
  • Dogfight with space pirates.

Base Building

  • Build bases almost anywhere on any planet.
  • Habitat modules come in plenty of different sizes.
  • Crew your bases to make them work!
  • Harvesters will let you harvest resources without being around.
  • You can build on-foot or with a top-down camera for easier placement of the large parts.
  • Crafting stations can be added to use your resources.
  • A weapon workbench will let you modify your weapons.


  • Fluid animations.
  • More mods and weapons than any other game that Bethesda has created before.
  • Upgraded gear is important to pay attention to because you may need to change up your play style.
  • Boost packs help you get around by pushing you up into the air.
  • Energy weapons offer a stable shooting experience.
  • Electromagnetic weapons have targeting lasers on each barrel and deal "serious damage".
  • You name the type of weapon and it's most likely available in the game.
  • There is a mine that freezes enemies.
  • There is an ability you have that appears to be like "The Force" from Star Wars. Space Magic!

Aesthetic - NASA Punk

  • They refer to their design as "NASA Punk" which keeps it relatable.
  • Everything looks well-used, worn, and lived-in.


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