Here are the new games releasing today, September 7, including two VR games.

The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo

The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo is a surrealist point’n’click graphic adventure. Mr. Coo is stuck in a weird, nonsensical world, and he needs your help to get out of it -but first of all, he needs to find all his pieces and be whole again!- There might be some philosophical strife behind all this nonsense, but with all the chaotic monsters, crazy robots and one-eyed ladies, it’s kinda hard to say.

  • Astounding hand-drawn 2D cartoon artstyle.
  • A surrealist, whimsical world, symbolic and full of meaning – but also heartwarmingly silly.
  • Meet wacky and lovable characters like the Giant Chicken, the Faunus or the One-eyed Woman.
  • Lots of absurd humor. Look, we already told you there are giant chickens, we can’t stress this enough.

Developed by Gammera Nest.

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Swing and toss yourself freely across spacey jungle-gym playgrounds, as an acrobatic monkey, in this bananas VR platformer. You've crash landed on a cloud planet and will need to collect parts to repair your ship as you launch yourself around 75+ playground levels in 9 vibrant cloudscape biomes and rank-up to become a TOSS master. This VR game uniquely captures the agility, timing and gamer skill required to play the beloved platformer classics.

  • Soar and launch yourselves through the air, grab hold of trees, pipes, and walls.
  • Try to race against the clock, with Time Attack; find as many bananas as possible or master as few grabs as possible in each round.
  • Compete against each other by time and rank, and follow your friends' leaderboard ghosts.
  • Unlock modifiers like Zero Gravity and Double Toss by becoming a TOSS master.

Developed by Agera Games.

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Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station

Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station is a game where we do what players were waiting for. The system of acrobation and movement around the space station is even more juicy now, enriched by combat mechanics (you can shoot space robots!), and the new architecture of levels, that encourages exploration and checking every corner of the station. It will be densely packed with skirmishes, jumping, collecting upgrades, and mediocre jokes! In short: we want to deliver modern Metroidvania in VR. We arrive at an abandoned space station where we have detected some traces of activity. Who manages the station, why did its defensive robots decide to attack us and how to get out of it at all.

  • Crazy action, full of acrobatic feats, combined with shooting at rebel robots.
  • Swing on the ropes with suction cups and fight to discover all the secrets of the new space station.
  • Explore the extensive environment, collecting equipment, and discovering new passages. 
  • An adventure scenario that turns jumping through a space base into an unforgettable experience.

Developed by Gamedust.

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Billy Bumbum: A Cheeky Puzzler

Solve challenging puzzles as a cube with a butt. Flip, push and fart your way through colorful levels as you rescue your adorable friends in need. Play over 100 challenging puzzles spread across a myriad of colorful worlds, constantly introducing surprising new mechanics to keep you delighted until the end.

  • Meet cute and quirky critters as you rescue your friends with magic winds.
  • Get behind Billy's behind, possibly the best one you’ve ever seen and watch him wiggle it.
  • Fart for freedom.

Developed by Frambosa.

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Pool Cleaning Simulator

Pool Cleaning Simulator will give you the chance to become a one-person pool cleanup company that removes pool contamination, replaces filters, disinfects and sanitizes pools. Not limited to swimming pools in luxury neighborhoods, municipal swimming pools, hot tubs after a successful party, a mini wading pool for children or a forgotten pool in an abandoned garden - are waiting for you and your equipment. Use the latest technology, but also old proven tools. On this job, you can't do without a shovel, brush or sponge.

  • Pool Cleaning Simulator is a unique way to become a slayer of pool monsters - figuratively, but also physically.  Get rid of uninvited guests from the pool - something has nested in the customer's pool. Grab a net and find them a new home, although in some cases a net may not be enough.
  • Through your missions, you will be able to gain access to better and better assignments.
  • Earn money so you can buy more and better equipment.
  • Customers have different requirements and requests.

Developed by Rubens Games.

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Dokapon Kingdom: Connect

Everyone in Dokapon Kingdom loves money. One day in this peaceful land, monsters suddenly appeared and began attacking nearby towns. The economy collapsed, and people were at their lowest. Taxes were no longer being paid, of course. So that's when the King took action. He decided to gather the bravest warriors to rescue these towns so he can get paid. In exchange, the one who collects the most shall be rewarded with the Princess' hand in marriage and the throne. And thus, an adventure for money begins, where absolutely anything goes.

  • The game is simple: spin the roulette and defeat whoever stands your way.
  • Holding a grudge never felt so good. Players can now duke it out against their friends all over the world.
  • Plot your revenge and choose from 5 different game modes: Normal, Story, Shopping Race, Kill Race, and Town Race.
  • With a kingdom spanning seven continents, who knows what shenanigans you'll get into.

Developed by Idea Factory.

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Do any of these games interest you and if so will you be checking them out? Let us know in the comments below.