Happy Friday! We've got a titan of a release today with NBA 2K's most recent iteration launching and several other games that you might be interested in. What will you be playing this weekend?

NBA 2K24

Grab your squad and experience the past, present, and future of hoops culture in NBA 2K24. Enjoy loads of pure, unadulterated action and limitless personalized My PLAYER options in My CAREER. Collect an impressive array of legends and build your perfect lineup in My TEAM. Feel more responsive gameplay and polished visuals while playing with your favorite NBA and WNBA teams in PLAY NOW. Channel your inner-Mamba Mentality as you recreate Kobe’s most dominant and captivating performances during his rise to global superstardom. Revisit his early career triumphs as a young phenom, and progress through his transcendent journey from elite scorer to one of the greatest players ever.

  • Make your mark on a scenic, coastal Neighborhood rich with postcard-esque views and blistering competition.
  • Use the revamped player builder to create a MyPLAYER that suits your skillset, so you can play to your strengths and get the most out of the updated Badge system.
  • Explore cliffside terrain, complete a new set of streamlined quests, and take on rival players in the ultimate My CAREER backdrop.
  • The classic card-collecting mode is back and loaded with endless hours of customizable fun.

Developed by Visual Concepts.

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Fae Farm

Escape to the world of Fae Farm and create your own cozy home in the enchanted world of Azoria. As you nurture and grow your homestead, you'll get to meet charming characters, foster deep relationships and discover ways to infuse magic into everything you do. Customize your character, master the arts of crafting, cooking, potion-making and discover so much more. Unfold the mysteries of the island on your own or with up to three other players. You can invite your family and friends or visit their homestead to progress together, playing beside you or online. As the seasons change, you'll be able to unlock new areas and restore the world around you. Embark on a ship and set sail to Azoria, there's a magical world waiting for you.

  • Create your own character and customize your adventure with unlockable styles and decorations for your farm. 
  • As you tend your farm, you can care for a variety of cuddly animals where you can collect eggs, wool, and more.
  • You can also raise baby animals in many different colors and explore the island to discover magical critters that drop rare potion ingredients.
  • But not all creatures are friendly: beware the jumbles; mischievous spirits that block your path.

Developed by Phoenix Labs.

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Into The Sky

Jump, Dash, Fly. In this first-person puzzle platformer you will try to figure out the right way through each level and afterwards can try to improve your timing by finding hidden paths and secret short cuts. Your goals are to successfully finish a level as well as to beat the fastest time of our level designers. The game is highly stylized and surprises with breathtaking, beautiful, aery and simply amazing worlds. Sometimes the right path is not the one right in front of you so be ready for some environmental puzzles.

  • Fast-paced parkour action.
  • 60+ unique levels.
  • Countless traps and difficult jumps.
  • Hidden paths and secret achievements.

Developed by EpiXR Games.

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Synced is a futuristic free-to-play cooperative shooter developed by NExT Studios and published by Level Infinite. In a world overrun by Nanos—rogue technology that has brought civilization to its knees—you deploy with your squad or fight alone with your tamed Nano for backup. Take on the role of a Runner, one the few who can tame and control the vicious Nanos roaming the wilds. Fight among the ashes of a dangerous new world struggling to rebuild after "the Collapse." Uncover the secrets buried deep inside the Meridian.

  • "Sync" with four classes of Nano: Crusher, Guardian, Seer, and Suppressor.
  • Utilize each class to buff your Runner with powerful new abilites.
  • Unleash your enemy-turned-ally companion on the battlefield to even the odds.
  • Gear up as part of a 3-person team, utilizing squad tactics to out-maneuver the enemy and claim victory.
  • Or put your lone wolf skills to the test in our dedicated solo mode with just your Nano for backup.

Developed by NExT Studios.

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Sprout Valley

Sprout Valley is an upcoming farming simulator game where you can step back from the busy life and grow the garden of your dreams. Captivating story, hand-crafted experience. You play as the main character, cute cat Nico, who tries to find a peaceful place to live in. Nico will find friends along the way and discover interesting events. Help him to learn what secrets Ostara holds.

  • The goal will be to gather resources and improve your island life.
  • You can grow the plants and harvest the environment for additional resources.
  • You can sell and buy resources you have gathered.
  • Use your tools to accomplish your goal of living a peaceful life with harmony and nature.

Developed by Vadzim Liakhovich.

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The Territory of Egg

The Territory of Egg is a unique twist on tower defense game. You need to build defense lines with egg warriors to protect the Holy Egg, the core of all eggs. Remember to upgrade your Tech Tree with the resources you've collected and unlock more skills to fight against the evil monsters.

  • You can place 6 types of basic eggs and 20 types of advanced eggs to form a front and expand your territory.
  • Each type of egg is good at dealing with different enemies and terrains.
  • You will face different types of enemies with different abilities. Pay great attention to those invisible and ethereal enemies which can be damaged by eggs with special skills. Any carelessness may result in disastrous consequences.
  • You will get the chance to retreat safely whenever you defeat enemy lords. You can leave the battlefield and take all the loot with you, or you can choose to continue fighting.

Developed by ZGameStudio.

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Do any of these games interest you and if so will you be checking them out? Let us know in the comments below.