A few new titles are launching today, September 11, 2023.

Hauma - A Detective Noir Story

Hauma is a noir deduction visual novel set in the heart of Munich. Step into the shoes of Judith, a former detective with a sharp wit and a knack for getting things done, as she uncovers a conspiracy amongst the city's upper echelons of society. Explore real locations in a unique art style, immersing you in the world of Bavaria's capital. From the historic House of Art to other unexpected locations, discover pieces of hidden history that shed light on the city's past.

  • Collect items, solve puzzles, and overcome dialogue riddles as you make your own investigative deductions using the mind board, the heart of the game which functions like an inventory containing items and thoughts.
  • Featuring a diverse cast, Hauma is a fully voiced cinematic adventure with an intriguing story.
  • Embark on a journey of deduction and intrigue, uncover the secrets of Munich's society and piece together the puzzle of the conspiracy that lies within.

Developed by SenAm Games.

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Arcanum is a online co-op survival horror game unlike any other which hopes to immerse you in sheer dread as you learn the secrets held inside.Your role is to investigate strange rumours about the previous residents, collect any evidence and escape whilst you can. You and up to 3 friends can join forces in a co-op experience where you will find clues, evidence and solve the mystery of Arcanum, but beware, you are not alone.

  • Whilst investigating, you will be collecting any evidence you can and trying to escape the fiendish entities that lurk inside.
  • Arcanum aims to be an all new immersive horror experience so running around, making lots of noise isn't always recommended.
  • Whilst it's important to work together as a team whilst navigating, sometimes your best option is split up and find the required items as soon as possible before the entity finds you.
  • Hiding is not an option as the entities that lurk inside can open doors search for players and will not stop looking for those who disturb their rest.

Developed by Javier Dahdouh, Marek Griffiths.

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Logiart Grimoire

You, who have taken hold of the Logiart's grimoire, encounter Emil, the custodian of the grimoire. Originally, it is a magical book that can solve "Logiart,"
but the cast magic has gone awry, transforming it into an enigmatic tome. Most of the "Logiart" can no longer be unraveled. As one led by the Logiart's grimoire, you can solve the mysteries of the book and once again restore the ability to solve "Logiart." Let's work together with Emil to unravel the mysteries of this mysterious grimoire and restore it to its original state.

  • Logiart is a "Picture Logic Puzzle" that uses vertical and horizontal numbers as hints to complete illustrations.
  • It has simple and easy-to-understand rules, making it accessible for anyone to play.
  • Emil, who helps unravel the mysteries of the magic books together, gains magical power every time you solve a Logiart puzzle.
  • Repeat the process of solving the newly created puzzles and work together with Emile to aim for the restoration of the magic book.

Developed by Jupiter Corporation.

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