Happy friday! Several new titles are launching just in time for the weekend.

Wandering Sword

Wandering Sword is a Chinese martial-arts RPG where you play a young swordsman caught up in a feud who nearly dies. Escaping death puts you on the path of pursuing the highest form of martial arts and exploring the pugilistic world to become the great hero you are always destined to be. Wandering Sword introduces an innovative combat system that operates on a tiled board and offers players the flexibility to switch between turn-based and real-time mode. This dual mode approach caters to both traditional RPG players who prefer a slower pace and those who enjoy real-time action that demands quick reflexes.

  • Wandering Sword brings to life a diverse array of martial arts moves and weaponry. As you traverse the land, you'll unravel hundreds of martial arts techniques and weapon styles.
  • Cultivate your energy through meridian points, gain expertise in both external and internal forms, and achieve true mastery of martial prowess.
  • Recruit up to 14 unique martial artists to join you on your adventures, each with their distinctive abilities.
  • Who knows, you may even find love in this intricate world of martial arts.

Developed by The Swordman Studio.

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Boti: Byteland Overclocked

Jump, Dash, Slide! Dive into a classic 3D platformer experience with Boti: Byteland Overclocked. Explore the awesomely stylized insides of a computer with Boti and save Byteland from an ominous threat. Play solo or team up with a friend in an engaging co-op mode. Join Boti, the endearing data bot, and his charming companions, Zero and One, on an enchanting quest to rid Byteland of bugs, viruses, and glitches. Their cute, quirky dialogues will make you chuckle.

  • Dive into Byteland, exploring the secrets of a cyber-world inspired by computers and technology both new and old.
  • You’ll find a plethora of collectibles and data to assemble and relocate to their proper places inside the byte-tastic world of Boti.
  • Experience a neat twist on classic platforming. Master creative arcade elements, such as rhythm-driven musical slides and magnetic gameplay.
  • Explore and conquer challenges like never before.

Developed by Purple Ray Studio.

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Fear the Spotlight

Fear The Spotlight is a third-person survival horror adventure with a PS1 inspired visual style. You and your friend Amy sneak into school after hours to perform a séance. Things go horribly wrong and you become lost and separated. In search of Amy, you explore a section of the school that was condemned long ago because of a tragic fire. It's up to you to explore the decrepit halls, unravel the mysterious past, and save your friend Amy.

  • Retro 3D art style inspired by PS1 horror classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
  • Explore and solve physical puzzles in a unique point-and-click mode.
  • Sneak your way through monster encounters, because you cannot fight back.
  • Filled with tense hand-crafted moments that don't stop until the game is over.
  • Suspenseful atmosphere is brought to life with a surreal soundscape and carefully detailed locations.

Developed by Cozy Game Pals.

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Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul

Discover the 17th Century Ottoman Empire, its mysteries and real historical events. Play as a Venetian in the 17th century Ottoman Empire and face the darkness of his past. Try to solve the problems in your past and deal with the impossibilities of your future. Customize your hero, choose wisely in challenges, and solve mysteries of The Compass in your quests for adventure and truth. Draw the path of your destiny with the guidance of the compass that will open the way of Fîtrat.

  • Many of the stories told in Compass of The Destiny are based on true events.
  • Spend time in this place where destiny and creation are intertwined, where you can sometimes see the lifeline of a merchant and sometimes a king.
  • Find people and events that can move into the Fîtrat Realm to improve your skills while exploring Istanbul.
  • Solve puzzles, defeat your enemies and get your rewards at the end of Fîtrat to see memories of the past.
  • Defend yourself and subdue your enemies using swords, bows, shields and fist's.

Developed by M11 Studio.

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Rogue Cards

Rogue Cards is a roguelite deckbuilder set in a medieval fantasy world of endless choices and dry humor. Multiple unique mechanics that build your tactical decisions into strategic effects. The more you play, the further your deck and character develop, and the closer you get to ascending to godhood. 

  • Character and deck development over multiple runs.
  • Hundreds of cards, endless combinations.
  • Deck management tools to alter your gameplay from one encounter to the next.
  • Ultra rare cards from boss encounters that have truly astounding impact.
  • Enemies that remember killing you.

Developed by Dapper Grim Studios.

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The Backrooms : Last Expedition

"The Backrooms: Last Expedition" is a cooperative horror game designed for 1 to 4 players. Its main objective is to create an enjoyable gaming experience for friends. Players will navigate through terrifying levels, filled with various entities and dangers, as they strive to escape. The game aims to provide players with a thrilling and immersive horror gaming experience, combining cooperative gameplay, terrifying encounters, and enhanced visuals to create an unforgettable adventure.

  • We have created new entities and also redesigned some existing ones to maintain coherence with the Backrooms universe.
  • In addition to crafting new, unprecedented monsters specifically designed for each of our cards, we have also reimagined all the original and iconic Backrooms maps.
  • We have recreated them while preserving their appearance and charm, making them even more terrifying and interactive than what was previously known.
  • The cutting-edge technology and advanced graphics capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 have allowed us to create stunning visual effects, realistic environments, and lifelike animations.

Developed by Valkyrie Interactive.

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MareQuest: An Interactive Tail

A terrible darkness threatens a world of overwhelmingly adorable mares. Can a new cute mare with amnesia save the world or will she lose more than her memories along the way. The second installment in the critically acclaimed MareQuest series, MareQuest: An Interactive Tail aims to combine a story rich visual novel with procedural RPG elements and more mares than you could ever hope to imagine. What more could you possibly want. You'll be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next with your favorite mares! You'll experience laughs and tears and feelings you didn't even know you were capable of having.

  • Tons of mare choices that will affect your games outcome. Be a good mare. Be an evil mare. Be a boring mare.  The possibilities are like... endless.
  • There are just so many mares. They are all so wonderful and unique and special. The main characters in the story are always one of a kind.
  • Mare friends will always love you. Will you choose to love them too.

Developed by ElectroKaplosion LLC.

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Baby Shark™: Sing & Swim Party

Get ready Shark Family, we’re going on a rhythmic adventure in Baby Shark: Sing & Swim Party. Swim across the wide waters with Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark, and Grandpa Shark to enjoy the Fin-tastic Festival. A spectacular festival where performers gather every year, from all over the sea to sing, dance, and rock. You will journey through seven different locations in the ocean. You can swim through Tropical Bay, party in Ocean City or dive into the dark Kingdom of the Deep. With that many places to visit, you are bound to get a rumbly tummy, so make sure to stop by the Blue Pirate Ship to gulp down a couple of kelp sandwiches. And don’t forget to go to the Opera House to enjoy an exotic sea-mphony of sounds.

  • Baby Shark: Sing & Swim Party lets you choose between five different playable characters from the Shark Family that are customizable in various costumes, clothes, and skins.
  • Play in two game modes: you can either go on an adventurous quest collecting stars while dodging blowfish or take on the waves and test how quick you are with your pectoral fins following the music.
  • Are you ready to make new ocean friends and journey across the amazing sea. Jaw-some, pack your salty snacks and leeeeeeeettttt’s go.

Developed by Recotechnology S.L.

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No Sun To Worship

A short, minimalist stealth-action game about the importance of art. We painted the sky ashen gray. Burned the heavens to starve each other. Now we walk an endless cemetery of regret.

  • Light, sound, stance and movement play a major role in how you hide from enemies.
  • Stick to the shadows and sneak carefully.
  • There are multiple ways to complete your objective.
  • Replay previous missions and beat your fastest times. You can also choose hard mode and get your ass kicked.

Developed by Antonio Freyre.

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Golf VS Zombies

Golf VS Zombies is an arcade golf simulator with RPG elements which combines golfing precision with action-packed combat against the undead. Grab your clubs and get in your golf cart, for in this zombie apocalypse, there is only golf. There are no friends in the post-apocalyptic, living dead-infested wasteland. So you might want to take your club, hit those courses, collect bottlecaps (what other currency did you expect? rupees?), and drive your golf cart through crowds of zombies for fun and profit. 

  • There is only so far your collection of clubs and balls gonna get you. Luckily, or not so, that weird guy has also survived and he has been tinkering on all sorts of things.
  • Exploding and homing balls, sniper clubs™, drones, movement detectors and other wacky stuff.
  • Too bad the guy accepts only bottle-caps as legal tender, but you are bound to find some - this is a wasteland afterall.
  •  Keep your head in the game and the dead… well dead - there is a record to set.

Developed by Sleepwalking Potatoes.

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Do any of these games interest you and if so will you be checking them out? Let us know in the comments below.