A bunch of new games are releasing today. Builders of Greece (a prologue) looks very interesting and fun check it out so give the demo a go and if you like it, give it a wishlist.


A zombie outbreak wiped out civilization as we know it. Hordes of zeeks gnawed their way to the top becoming the world’s apex predator. A few years later, regular humans are an endangered species, with isolated pockets struggling to survive in this new, unwelcoming world. Welcome to HumanitZ, a top-down, open-world survival game, where you can try to make a difference and put humanity back where it belongs - at the top of the food chain. Will you gamble on cities and the loot there knowing hordes of zeeks might be around the corner? Or do you try to survive off the land in the country, through hunting, fishing, and farming.

  • Explore a vast, unforgiving world. From untamed wilderness to dense urban cities.
  • Survive together. Grab a rifle and start foraging on your own or have someone watch your back in cooperative mode for up to four players.
  • Live off the land. Pick through the ruins of the old world and scavenge resources to survive. Or take to the hills, set up a farm, hunt game, and catch fish.
  • Robust character customization. Design your chosen survivor with perks, stats, and a huge selection of firearms and other tools.
  • Craft and build for survival. Utilize an extensive crafting and building system for whatever is needed to survive, from gear to consumables. 

Developed by Yodubzz Studios.

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Kallax is a chaotic furniture-building game. Become aliens in a fantastic spaceshift that was built to send furniture across the universe and cooperate to complete orders. The twist you ask. Only one of you can read the instruction manual at a time and they can't see what the others are doing. From a table to an ironing board to a cat tree, build increasingly complicated furniture and have fun in surprising environments. Miscommunicate, make terrible mistakes and ask five times the question "who's got the screwdriver?".

  • Keep in mind that if your friends become absolutely unbearable for you, you can always throw them out the window.
  • In Kallax, more than 60 surprising and varied levels await you, not to mention the bonus mini-games.
  • Build for the living room, the bathroom and the bedroom more than 25 pieces of furniture and their variations.
  • Become the fastest and beat your high scores to unlock customisation and secret levels.

Developed by Unexpected.

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Dungeon Golf

Pick your golfer from a roster of whacky fantasy favourites in this mini golf party game. Compete in online and local multiplayer or polish your putt in single player story mode. Compete with your friends to win trophies and climb to the top. Whack balls, battle enemies and get the upper hand with your abilities to change the odds. Holes in one are for boring regular golfers, real pros shoot for the Holes In None.

  • Battle Goblins in the grand treasure halls of the Mountain Fortress, avoid Fire Golems and lava pits in the treacherous Volcanic Forge and try not to get cursed and fall off the windy peaks of the Ancient Temple.
  • Defeat monsters that stand in your way to gain extra shots. Goblins, Zombies, Golems and of course, Slimes, are just some of the dungeons’ inhabitants.
  • Destroy treasures and unlock chests to fill your mana bar and power your special moves.
  • Avoid traps, obstacles and annoyances by using well-timed and well-aimed shots. 

Developed by Ant Workshop Ltd.

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Spell Disk

Spell Disk is a rogue-lite action game with a unique synergy building mechanic so that your runs can never be the same. Strategize and create your own spell combo synergies to blast through enemies on your way. Each run is unique, so you must plan out how to build your power. Destroy the hordes of monsters and bosses. 

  • Discover combos and synergies that no one’s seen before.
  • Maximize your power to better your chance of escaping the dungeon of Spell Disk.
  • Craft spells, disks, and artifacts during your run that help your progress.
  • Unlock new weapons and powers to hack and slash through the enemies blocking your way.

Developed by Sunpeak Games.

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Builders of Greece: Prologue

Immerse yourself in the beautifully recreated golden age of Hellenic city-states. Builders of Greece: Prologue, being a shortened version of the full game, is a great way to try your hand as a ruler of an ancient Greek city-state. Put your management skills to the test and prove yourself as a fine ruler of the ancient Greek city. Throughout your journey, you will face many challenges, unexpected events, and promising opportunities. Make world-shaping decisions, command your subjects, erect magnificent structures, and make your Polis the most glorious place in the whole ancient world. Builders of Greece: Prologue, is a great way to learn basic game mechanics.

  • Choose from dozens of varied buildings at your disposal and decide which of them will best serve your loyal subjects.
  • Maintain a balance between residential zones, administrative institutions, workshops, service buildings, and military facilities to provide your city with stable, dynamic development.
  • Make fateful decisions and manage all the aspects of your city's life. Set your taxes, establish new trade routes, occupy resource-rich terrains, increase the population of your empire, react to unpredictable events, or become a local military power.
  • The way you rule is entirely up to you.  

Developed by BLUM Entertainment.

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Do any of these games interest you and if so will you be checking them out? Let us know in the comments below.