A bit of midweek madness as numerous games make their way to release. Here's what's new for November 15, 2023.

The Last Faith

A dark, gothic fusion of metroidvania and soulslike. The Last Faith thrives on merciless and precise combat with a huge range of weapons, firearms, and custom executions at your disposal. Let nothing stand in your way. Step into The Last Faith’s ravaged world as Eryk, who awakens with no recollection of his immediate past. Soon he will discover he is in a race against time as his mind and conscience begins to deteriorate. His desire for salvation from this affliction sets him on a cursed mission that crosses paths with ancient religions and divinities.

  • The Last Faith thrives on merciless and precise combat, with a huge range of custom executions to perform.
  • Discover a formidable arsenal of melee weapons, arcane spells, and long-range firearms, allowing you to carve a path your own way.
  • Journey along snow-dusted mountains and castles bathed in moonlight.
  • Discover and upgrade a formidable range of tools for destruction.

Developed by Kumi Souls Games.

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Ascent of Ashes

A colony sim set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Build and defend your base. Manage your survivors. Engage raiders, aliens, Remnant soldiers and other factions in real-time-with-pause combat. Or use stealth to outwit them.

Build your survivors a base where they can rest and trade stories between adventures. Farm crops, tame alien beasts, incorporate salvaged technology and fortify your home against hostile intruders. Prevailing in combat will require more than just point-and-click. A detailed hit simulation and health system will mean that even non-lethal hits can render a survivor unable to go on. Suppressive fire might pin an enemy in place, but the ammunition used up may leave you ill-equipped to fight the next encounter effectively. It's a big world out there. To get around you will need better transportation than your legs can provide. One of the things setting Ascent of Ashes apart from other games of this genre is the ability to restore and drive vehicles. 

  • Each survivor has their own unique personality and motivations.
  • As colony leader it is up to you to find and recruit capable survivors to fill gaps in your roster against ever increasing challenges.
  • Can you keep everyone happy, secure and motivated.

Developed by Vivid Storm Interactive.

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Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master

Play as Reivax, the steward of the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk. Build, manage, and defend your tower in this fantasy universe. Above all, try not to upset your master, the evil sorcerer Zangdar. Are you up to the task.

  • Ascend to days of glory and build the dungeon of your dreams.
  • Decorate each room with lots of objects and furniture to attract new patrons and employees.
  • Display your most precious treasures to earn their benefits. Protect them from jealous neighbors.
  • As your dungeon grows and improves its reputation, defend it against adventurers.
  • Offense is the best defense – send your minions to loot and raid neighboring dungeons.
  • Production is key to thriving and achieving a monopoly, so you will need to generate numerous resources.
  • Tools, weapons, compost, intel, astral energy, and more. Stock or sell them to gain advantages.

Developed by Artefacts Studio.

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American Arcadia

Tune in to American Arcadia, the most popular reality tv show on the planet. In this retro-futuristic 70s metropolis all citizens enjoy a life of luxury and comfort... and are completely unaware that they're being broadcast 24/7. So escape from the real world and sit back to enjoy the most dangerous contest on air, where a drop in your popularity comes at the highest cost: death. Trevor Hills is your ordinary, everyday, average man. He’s more than happy with his mundane life as an office clerk. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make him very popular with the ever-important viewers of American Arcadia and sets him up for a one way trip to execution – unless he escapes.

  • Angela Solano is a stage technician for American Arcadia, and she’s determined to make sure that Trevor gets out of Arcadia alive.
  • Assisting from the outside, she uses her technical prowess and wits to manipulate the world around him, clearing the path to his freedom.
  • But neither Angela nor Trevor are prepared for this escape to become a journey filled with twists, turns, and lies.

Developed by Out of the Blue Games.

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Checkmate Showdown

Chess meets Fighting games. Crush your opponents in the arena and on the chessboard in this online multiplayer competitive tactical fighting game. Enter the ultimate arena of cerebral combat, where strategic thinking meets explosive fighting action. In this adrenaline-fueled online multiplayer game, you'll challenge other players to intense battles that fuse the classic game of Chess with heart-pounding fighting game mechanics. With lightning-fast reflexes and an eagle-eye for strategy, you'll need to outsmart your opponents on the chessboard while unleashing devastating combos and special moves in the arena. Master the roster of fighters, each with their own unique fighting styles and chess piece abilities, all based on traditional fighting game types.

  • The Chess and fighting parts are intimately linked by design; once a piece attacks the opponent, a fight is engaged.
  • The attacker and defender will be able to make use of tag-assist by other pieces in proximity, and the attacker will have an advantage by having their Ultimate ready to rip from the get-go.
  • Built with the diversity of gamers in mind, Checkmate Showdown will let newcomers have a good time with an approachable control scheme but will feature all of the depth and precision expected by professional FGC players. Easy to pickup, hard to master.

Developed by ManaVoid Entertainment.

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Wizordum is a retro FPS. The Ancient Seal of Terrabruma has shattered, unleashing the forces of Chaos once more. As one of the last Mages of Wizordum sanctuary, you must embark on a quest to find the source of this corruption and push the Chaos back before they consume the kingdom. With a wide arsenal of spells and magic items, battle your way through the world of Terrabruma in this unique blend of classic 90s shooters and modern gaming elements. Smash, burn, and loot. 

  • A vast arsenal of magic weapons & items.
  • Search for secret places filled with treasures.
  • Solve puzzles and avoid traps.
  • Collect bonus items and beat the hardest difficulty levels to climb to the top of the leaderboards.

Developed by Emberheart Games.

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Age of Barbarians Chronicles

Chronicles is a crude and violent action RPG game in pure Sword & Sorcery style. Get ready to live the heroic and bloody adventures of barbarians, amazons, and sorcerers against the insane and omnipotent Sorcerer Gods, absolute masters of the prehistoric world of Atlan. Atlan is an ancient world  full of legends, mysteries, prehistoric beasts, nightmarish creatures and dangers of all kinds, populated by civilizations with ancient customs and unique mythology. The art of combat involves dodges, parries, blocks, attacks of various types, counterattacks, rolls, unbalances and blood-filled fatalities. The ancient dungeons of Atlan conceal numerous treasures, including powerful weapons, shields, armor, helmets, rings, and so on, which increase your combat efficiency.

  • Explore ancient dungeons filled with danger and treasure, embark on one of the many side quests.
  • A party of adventurers is stronger than one man alone, however, remember that the experience points you gain will also be less.
  • Many dungeons are carefully hand-designed, but at the same time, you will encounter many others that are procedural, offering you countless combinations and making each exploration unique and rewarding.

Developed by Crian Soft.

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Phantom Galaxies is an epic sci-fi adventure with thrilling mecha combat. Choose between four distinct Starfighter classes and diverse weapons and gear. Once enemies, the intergalactic empires of humanity band together to battle lawless pirate factions amid war torn space. Tailor your gameplay with a choice between four distinct Starfighter classes - the versatile Assault, precise Lancer, brutal Buster, and vicious Breacher, each with unique abilities - and by using  a diverse range of weapons and items.

  • In exhilarating interstellar clashes, switch between third-person mech shooting and starship dogfights with the press of a button.
  • Make your Avatar and Starfighter your very own, as you level up and take full ownership of in-game items.
  • Explore sprawling, picturesque galaxies, hurtling through the reaches of space and handcrafted planet-side locations.
  • Uncover the history and lore of the Canis Major Galaxy, unraveling millennia-old secrets.
  • Complete diverse missions, including an enthralling and cinematic main storyline, side quests filled with memorable action and characters.

Developed by Blowfish Studios.

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An action-packed roguelike game with a unique ink-wash painting aesthetic. Choose from a variety of classes, arm yourself with a vast array of weapons, and create your own unique build by combining artifacts, random talents, abilities, and bonds. Use unique abilities to defeat a variety of devils. Skybreakers features classes that reflect traditional Chinese culture, including Mohism, Agriculturalism, Diplomacy, Naturalism, Militarism, and Confucianism. It also features a deeply intriguing monster system teeming with gods, devils, monsters, and various creatures. This world is teeming with dark forces, and it takes a brave soul to fight these demons and maintain order.

  • Relish the freedom to attack, dash, and ultimate in exhilarating combat scenarios.
  • Each attack mode offers three advanced effects that generate multi-hit moves, teleportation, interrupts, and a variety of other impressive maneuvers.
  • Choose from multiple classes, arm yourself with an extensive selection of weapons, and forge your own unique build by combining artifacts, random talents, abilities, and bonds.
  • This greatly enhances the replayability of the game, while the unpredictability of random affixes and map elements adds a thrilling sense of uncertainty to each adventure.

Developed by Bingo Studio.

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Do any of these games interest you and if so will you be checking them out? Let us know in the comments below.