BlizzCon's final panel, and the only one dedicated to Diablo IV, the "Diablo IV Campfire Chat" has concluded and we learned new information about next year's expansion, upcoming seasons, and more.


  • They are working on a way to switch between builds.
  • Living Steel improvements are coming. They understand it can be difficult to get.
  • More social features are being worked on and will be coming out ahead of the new expansion.
  • There are many items that can be very difficult to incorporate into builds and they are reviewing them.
  • They want items to feel like they've actually made you more powerful.
  • Not expected for season 3, but they want to get the Aspects out of your inventory and into the Codex of Power.

Vessel of Hatred Details

  • The expansion is going to a place we've visited before in Diablo 2 - the lush jungles of Nahantu.
  • Vessel of Hatred is releasing in late 2024.
  • They like expansions because it lets them take a large step forward.
  • New monsters and a new class are coming. The new class is completely new and has never appeared in a previous Diablo game.
  • They want to bring in offerings that are familiar, but new is good too.
  • If you are coming into the game as a new player in the expansion, you can skip the old content and go straight to the new stuff.
  • Mephisto did not intend to be trapped in the Soul Stone, so he is pushing against Neyrelle during her travels.
  • Nahantu is the new region we are visiting, which was previously known as Torajan.
  • Everything begins at the river gate. Nahantu has been closed off from Sanctuary for several decades, and now the gates are open.
  • The jungle is a wild and dangerous place. A living and breathing character of its own, expressing itself in different ways during the game.
  • Large branches wrap around the environment, and massive roots cross chasms.
  • The natural world flows into the architecture of the zones.
  • You can visit the original Diablo II Act III Kurast Docks.
  • It has been 72 years since the events of Diablo II, things have changed.
  • The original location where Mephisto was imprisoned can be visited.
  • They were happy to get 5 classic classes in Diablo into Diablo IV.
  • They decided to create a brand new class to bring something new into Sanctuary.
  • More news about Vessel of Hatred will arrive in Summer 2024.
  • There will be seasonal content at the start. They weren't super specific about exact timing, but they mentioned there would be something for everyone.

Diablo IV Season 3

  • They are adding more end game!
  • Leaderboards are coming via "The Gauntlet".
    • Reach World Tier 4 to compete in "The Gauntlet" a fixed-seed non-linear dungeon.
    • Every time you enter it is exactly the same.
    • Maximize your score by completing the dungeon to compete on the leaderboards.
    • At the end of the timer, all the loot from the dungeon will drop.
    • A new gauntlet will arrive each week.
    • The best players from each week are recorded in "The Hall of Ancients" a permanent leaderboard.

Diablo IV Season 2

  • They have had a ton of community feedback and they are happy they could bring lots of changes in with Season 2.
  • A new roadmap showcases Patch 1.22 arriving November 7, the first holiday event, and a sneak at Season 3.
  • New Unique Rings are being added next week - "Malignant Rings".
  • Defeat Varshan to obtain the new rings which will help some classes gain great boosts to their kit.
  • Another update is coming for December 5.
    • Occultist will allow you to view the possible affixes an item can roll into. No more blind guessing!
    • Abattoir of Zir is a new event as a seasonal end game feature.
      • Feedback on it will tell the team if everyone wants to see it come back.
      • You get a recipe to complete the first tier, which flows into the next tier.
      • There are 25 total tiers in the Abattoir, with each one becoming more difficult to complete.
      • A new unique glyph is being added for completing the Abattoir.
      • You can level Tears of Blood up to level 200.
  • Midwinter Blight is a holiday-themed event arriving on December 12.
    • The locals are cold and feel miserable.
    • The Totem of Midwinter in town is central to the event. They are keeping details quiet.
    • Explore Fractured Peaks to find Frigid Husks - small events to take part in.
    • Earn resources to progress the event and unlock rewards.
  • They are talking internally about itemization but don't have announcements yet.

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