Ravendawn is a new free-to-play MMORPG that has launched today! The game was in development for 7 years.

In Ravendawn, the world is yours to conquer. The vastness of Ravendawn’s landscape means you can build virtually anywhere — from a simple log cabin in the middle of a dense forest, to a majestic stone mansion along the ocean’s sandy coast. All you have to do is claim a plot of land and gather enough resources to establish your territory and build your own home. Ravendawn is your canvas, and with real-world house and farm-building, you can paint it as you please.

  • Customization is key. By mixing and matching together abilities from three different Archetypes, you can shape your character as you see fit.
  • Don’t settle for just one playstyle, make your own. Unlock powerful classes through endless combinations:
    • Charge through the battlefield while raining down ice storms as a towering Dreadknight;
    • Turn into the perfect assassin as a Shadowstriker;
    • Harness the raw magical power of an Arcanist.
  • Anyone can craft, but whether you forge a simple builder’s mallet or a warhammer worthy of a Dwarven king will depend on your skills.
  • Fish can be found in ponds, lakes, and rivers, but the largest and rarest may only be found in the deepest oceans.
  • With a massive Tradepack and Shipping system built with self-balancing AI elements, players are free to bring a variety of valuable goods all across the Ravendawn world.
  • The world of Ravendawn is administered by a full political system in which any player can participate.

Ravendawn's Archetypes and Class System

There are eight total archetypes you can mix-and-match to play as, choosing 3 as your active ones. Starting at level 15, you can change your archetypes any time you want.

  • Wizardy - Wizardry users harness the power of ice and fire to devastate their enemies.
  • Holy - Holy is the primary healing archetype in the world of Ravendawn.
  • Spiritual - Supernatural calm, able to focus intensely upon the invisible threads that tie the world together. 
  • Witchcraft - Mix occult powers with the ability to gain strength from the weaknesses of others.
  • Warfare - Specialize in brute force combat, able to draw upon the lifeblood they’ve spilled to heal themselves and strengthen their savage attacks.
  • Shadow - Extinguish the lives of their victims without ever being seen.
  • Protection - Strong-footed and brave, these users never lose their unbreakable spirit in the heat of battle.
  • Archery - With the eyes of a hawk and the swiftness of a falcon, Archery users outpace their opponents with speed and vision.

Your chosen archetypes will effectively make you a different class. Each archetype is leveled at the same time, when you gain experience. Here's a sample skill tree featuring Warfare, Wizardry, and Holy archetypes, which makes you a Magus.

Player Housing in Ravendawn

You'll start off your journey in Ravendawn with access to "community land" where you can plant crops and trees and raise livestock.

Once you are able to afford private property though, you can personalize your space, expanding your home with unique decorations and trophies. Though, before you can acquire your own land, you'll first need to do quests to acquire estate tokens and then you'll need to find an estate in the world that hasn't already been taken.

A look at the land editor.

Ravencards - Skill Modification

Ravencards are an interesting part of the skill system. Each skill in Ravendawn currently has access to two different Ravencards, which augment the skill and how it is used.

Players earn Ravencards through obtaining Ravenpacks when you trade dawn essences. Opening a pack get you 5 random Ravencards, which all have their own rarities. Dawn essences are obtained in several ways, through the North Star Quest, opening supply bags, carrying out missions around the world and destroying weapons or armor.

You can increase the rarity of your Ravencards to make them even more powerful by using Ravenshards, which are obtained when you open a duplicate card.

Ravendawn's World Map

There is an online map available! Check out all the different areas of Ravendawn and what features different settlements have access to.

Free to Play - How Do They Make Money?

With the game being free to play, it asks the question how the company will be able to keep the game alive. Much like Runescape, Ravendawn has their own version of "Member Accounts" called a "Patron Account" which comes with several benefits. Patron memberships start at $7.99 for 30 days.

Quote From Ravendawn

  • T3+ Cosmetics: Enjoy exclusive Tier 3 and above cosmetics, allowing you to stand out and showcase your unique style in the world of Ravendawn.
  • 3x Faster Regen for Land: Speed up your land regeneration, ensuring quicker recovery and increased efficiency.
  • Waypoints: You no longer have to pay the fee to use a Waypoint.
  • 50% Less Marketplace Tax & Longer Listing Duration: Optimize your marketplace activities with reduced tax and longer durations for your listings.
  • Patron Chat Icon/Color:Stand out in the chat with a distinctive Patron chat icon and color, making your messages easily recognizable.
  • Rested Exp: Earn additional experience points during periods of rest, maximizing your character's progression.
  • Priority Login Queue: Enjoy priority access to the game with a dedicated login queue for Patron members.
  • Reduced Rangers Company Cooldown: Experience reduced cooldowns for the Rangers Company, providing quicker access to its resources.
  • Rapid/Swift Gathering (Except for fishing): Faster Gathering when successfully timing the Gathering Mini-Game.

There is so much more to explore than what we've chosen to highlight. If you're interested in checking the game out, you can start for free by creating an account on the official website.

What do you think of this new MMORPG? Are you going to check it out? If you do let us know in the comments below we sure would like your opinion.