The Last Flame

The Last Flame is a roguelike auto-battler which focuses on build creation, strategy and decision making. Every run, you will create amazing builds to progress through the ascension difficulties or attempt to beat your high score in the endless mode! Recruit special heroes, fight deadly encounters, loot and craft powerful gear, discover and create unique synergetic builds.


  • The Last Flame offers an incredible amount of build diversity. With over 55 heroes, 250 items, 120 relics and 55 origins, every run will be unique and challenging.
  • Hero and team building have been designed with flexibility and freedom at their core which allows you to discover and create unique synergetic builds every single run.
  • In between the automated combats, you will have to cleverly guide your heroes through the adventure by making the smart decisions.
  • Manage your resources, choose the optimal path in the map, make powerful builds, and strategically position and plan the combat phase.

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Does The Last Flame pique your interest? There is a ton of content to play around with, so we'd love to know your thoughts on the game and which heroes you've had the most fun with. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.